The Day of Many Photographs

I try to be a bit witty sometimes with titles of my posts, but this past Saturday was a day that was memorable.  All kinds of photo ops.  I won’t say to much more, but just show you some of the results.

Photos mostly taken at Spring Creek or Middle Concho Parks here in San Angelo.  The exceptions are the second and third photos which were taken at a small downtown lake.  We were just driving around through the parks, and the birds seemed to be exceptionally cooperative.  Click on the images to see great enlargements.

Black-crested Titmouse

I got lucky, as I often do, as the Black-crested Titmouse was only about 20 feet from the car window.  He was completely oblivious of me.

Lesser Scaup - juvenile

Ring-necked Duck - female

Golden-fronted Woodpecker - female

Sharp-shinned Hawk

The Sharp-shinned Hawk gave me an exposure problem.  On the good side, he was perched only about 20 feet from the road-side.  The bad part, there was a limb that was casting a shadow over his head.

Great Blue Heron on log

Great Egret on the hunt

Both the Great Blue Heron and the Great Egret were about 150 yards away on the opposite side of the river.

Belted Kingfisher

Singing Eastern Bluebird

I decided not to include EXIF information in this post.  I just didn’t want to add the clutter.  If any of you want to know how I shot any particular image, just mention it in your comment.  And I do hope that you will comment.

30 thoughts on “The Day of Many Photographs

  1. Bob the bluebird with its mouth open is amazing and I just love the yellow woodpecker. I don’t get to see those around here!

  2. These are outstanding, Bob! I love it when I go out for a shoot, and I have opportunities galore – there’s nothing like it! That last shot of the bluebird is my favorite, the colors are so perfect and vibrant, and it looks like he’s really belting out a song!!

  3. Lovely photos. The Titmouse takes the prize for cuteness, but I actually like the Bluebird pic the best… he’s really going for it, so much so that I can almost hear him!

  4. Fantastic photos, Bob! I especially love the Black-crested Titmouse and the sweet little bluebird! I photographed a Black-crested Titmouse today. My first bird photo in a long time and one of my best since the hummingbirds. I will post it when I photograph a few more birds!

  5. As usual your photos are fabulous and what a great day you had. I love all of them, but the thing that stands out in the photos is the natural setting of each bird with overlapping twigs and branches which anchors each bird into the composition and nature. These are the details that to me make good to excellent..great job…Kudos to you

  6. ” I like the black-crested titmouse, it’s my favorite mouse,” says the 6 year old.

    “I like the Belted Kingfisher,” mom replies.

    ” I like the fat fuzzy one ” the four year old yells. 🙂

  7. Do you sometimes wonder why birds are afraid of the human form but often they seem unbothered by a car slowing down beside them, We have huge regal herons here and I can sometimes sit in the car and watch them right by the window, and they only rise up when i put the car back in gear and drive away.. c

    • Yes, sometimes I wonder about that, but sometimes there are certain birds that drive me up a wall because they won’t cooperate, like the American Kestrel, for example. But that is part of the fun and challenge. 🙂

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