Winter in San Angelo, Texas

Well, winter fell on a Tuesday, here in San Angelo.  We woke up with three inches of the stuff on the ground.  Knowing it would be around for a very short while, I rushed out to San Angelo State Park for some wintry shots.  I wasn’t feeling 100% because of a medical problem that prompted me to go to the ER the previous evening.  I was much better, but I just drove through the park and got a few grab shots from the window of the car.  These are not esthetically my best, but they will serve to show you that we do have some pretty wintry scenes occasionally.

Snowy Creek

Cactus and snow

White-crowned Sparrow

Snowy Creek

Chilly finch on back patio

There you have it.  That may be the only chance I get any winter pictures from here.  But never say never.  January and February are historically the two coldest months of the year here, so there is always a chance of more.