A Harbinger of Spring

While driving by Rock Slough Park, near Lake Nasworthy several days ago, we spotted several birds in the little area.  Cedar Waxwings, Eastern Bluebirds, along with this American Robin, (Turdus migratorius).  They say that robins are signs of spring’s arrival.  Maybe so, maybe not.  While we have these species year around here, it makes a for good subject for this post.  Plus, is spring not just around the corner?  🙂

American Robin

Photographed with my Canon EOS 7d with Canon 100-400mm lens.  1/640 sec. @ f8, ISO 250.  Center-weighted metering and aperture priority.  Click on image to see an enlargement.

47 thoughts on “A Harbinger of Spring

  1. It’s amazing how you always seem to be able to get these birds to pose for you!! 😉
    Spring has shown itself about every week here – again today (it was in the low 40s and rainy). I don’t mind it, though!! 🙂

  2. There’s flocks of robins hanging out in cold Ohio waiting for the spring- they seem to survive on berries and often are hungry by the late winter. I’ve put out raisins for them and they’ll gobble them right up.

    Saw some bluebirds last week but didn’t get a good picture of them- good photo as usual Bob!

  3. Bob,

    A very lovely Robin image!

    We have Robins year round but the numbers seen goes up dramtically in the spring. I hope we have a bit more winter in Utah before spring arrives, I am missing the snow in the valley. The Mountains are white but not down here.

  4. Bob it is 15 degrees today in New York. I love your robin and yes Spring is right around the corner! Thanks for posting, I can already feel it getting warmer!

    • Wow!! 15 degrees? Holy Mackeral!!

      Forecast for today here is high of 80 degrees. That is a tad warmer than usual though. Glad you liked the Robin photo. Thanks for the compliment and the comment, Karen.

  5. I hear bluebirds on a regular basis, but seldom see them, some robins are wintering here as well. I think some of it is due to how many people have planted ornamental trees that produce an abundance of berries for the robins to feed on. And, just so you know, your old hometown of Muskegon received 16 inches of snow on Saturday, a new record for that date.

    • Wow, 16 Inches!! I’m glad I left when I did! 🙂

      I agree that Robins only pick out certains places to hang around, probaby has something to do with what food is available. I have never had one in our yard, but they are in other areas of town.

  6. Springtime in the Rockys for us is hopefully by June and if we are lucky May…we can late snowfall here, but as strange as it sounds, we have an area called Aspen Springs and there are a few die hard Robins that stay there year ’round. Beats me..and also a few Bluebirds. One never know what nature will provide. The photos with its detail of the bird is fabulous as always. The lighting was perfect to show the delicate pattern of the breast feathers. Kudos to you my friend for a fine shot. Take care and have a good evening..today I painted a Raven and tomorrow is the Big Cat Day in the studio.

    • Hi Syl, it’t great, as usual, to hear from you. I agree with all you said about the Robins and the Bluebirds. Thanks for the compliments. What Big Cat are you painting?

  7. Last winter I noticed a few Robins hanging around in the winter an dit was so cool. It wasn’t anything like the spring, when there’s a huge group raking across the lawn in the evenings eating, but a wonderful treat.

    It’s a beautiful photo Bob!

  8. Bob…Spring? What’s that? Sadly, we won’t see Spring here in New England until late April, if we are lucky. Snow at that time of year for us is not out of the question. Thanks, Bob. I am now depressed. 🙂

    Just kiddin’, Bro. Except for the snow in April thing.

  9. When I lived in Kerrville, TX we would have hundreds of robins in our area, but they were on their way to somewhere else and it wasn’t springtime!

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