80 Degrees – Gotta Get Out

We just had to do it.  We had to take advantage of 80 degree high temps and get out and commune with nature.  Our little journey took us to the little parks out at Lake Nasworthy, here in San Angelo.  Among the highlights was a rarity and another lifer for me, a Red-headed Woodpecker (Melanerpes erythrocephalus).  However, I couldn’t add it to my list because, it seemes that somewhere I had already added it.  I don’t know how it happened because I knew I had never laid my eyes on it before.  It is a rare sight in San Angelo.  So now it is official and my life-list total still stands at 239.

Common Yellowthroat

Image via Wikipedia

We also saw another bird that really isn’t a rarity but is difficult to find and see, let alone try to photograph.  It was a Common Yellowthroat, (Geothlypis trichas).  It is a tiny bird that hides itself along creek banks or reeds, just peeking out momentarily before scooting back into the foliage.  Since you asked, no, I didn’t get the photograph, but I will perservere someday.  This pictures is courtesy of Wikipedia.  (He takes pretty good pictures, too.) 🙂

Photographs of the Red-headed Woodpecker and a Green-winged Teal, both gave me problems.  They were both terribly back-lit.  Too far away for a flash.  I boosted the EV but it wasn’t enough, so I had to resort to trying to correct them in Photoshop.  I think they are both acceptable, or I wouldn’t be publishing them here.

Red-headed Woodpecker

Green-winged Teal

Farther along our little tour I spotted this Great Blue Heron across the river.  I have this weakness for those herons and love to photograph them.  The lighting was much better so if it doesn’t look good, I have no excuse.

Great Blue Heron

We spent three hours driving through Spring Lake Park and Middle Concho Park.  We ended up seeing a total of 33 species during that time.

  1. American Coot   35
  2. Bufflehead   1
  3. Northern Mockingbird   4
  4. Blue Jay   1
  5. Pied-billed Grebe   7
  6. Double-crested Cormorants  20
  7. Northern Shovelers   24
  8. Cinnamon Teal   1
  9. European Starling   6
  10. Common Grackle   2
  11. Great-tailed Grackle   3
  12. Black-crested Titmouse   2
  13. Great Blue Heron   3
  14. Green-winged Teal   2
  15. Common Yellowthroat   1
  16. White-crowned Sparrow    4
  17. Yellow-rumped Warbler   6
  18. Northern Cardinal   1
  19. Ladder-backed Woodpecker   1
  20. Golden-fronted Woodpecker   3
  21. Red-headed Woodpecker   1
  22. Black Vulture   2
  23. Eastern Phoebe   3
  24. Western Meadowlark   10
  25. Red-winged Blackbird   6
  26. Eastern Bluebird   13
  27. House Finch   6
  28. Red-tailed Hawk   1
  29. Ring-billed Gull   101
  30. American Robin   18
  31. Cedar Waxwing   13
  32. Gadwall   10
  33. Osprey   1

Click on any image to see an enlargement.  Hope you enjoy. 🙂