Birdies, Eagles, Albatrosses

I had you going there for a minute, didn’t I.  I bet you thought I was going to tell you about another birding hotspot.  Today, this post is about the other golfing avians, birdies, eagles, albatrosses. 🙂

Lately, with the temperatures turning so nice for a bit, I sometimes remember my days of enjoying a round of golf.  Golf is a sport that you can get out, enjoy the outdoors, and forget all of your problems.  I haven’t played a round in about five years.  I was a pretty decent player.  I was pretty short off of the tee, though.  When everybody was smoking their tee shots a hundred yards pass me, I was just steady down the middle.  I was given a nickname, “three pecks and a putt”.  I hit a lot of “walkers”.  Walkers are shots that aren’t hit far enough to get back into the cart and ride to.  I never hit into the rough, either.  I couldn’t hit the ball that far. 🙂

But what I enjoyed most about the golf courses was the beauty of them.  And that is what inspired me to photograph some of the course around here.  San Angelo Country Club is one of the prettier ones, and I have sold many of my images of a few golf holes, in the pro shop.  Here are a few samples.

San Angelo Country Club - Hole no. 1

San Angelo Country Club - Hole no. 6

San Angelo Country Club - Hole no. 10

But I am not convinced that I want to play again.  I feel the real birds calling me so I will probably find myself outside this afternoon searching for another elusive lifer.

So enjoy the photos, click on any of them for an enlargement, and I’ll maybe have some more birding photos for you next time.