Old House at Alpine, Texas

As most of you know, one of my favorite places to visit is the Big Bend area of west Texas.  It encompasses most of the area north of where the Rio Grande river goes southeast, the abruptly turns and goes northeast.  A large vee shaped area.  Alpine is about 80 miles north of the bottom of that vee, at an elevation of around 5000 feet.

North of town is a highway that goes north to Fort Davis, Texas.  Heading out of town a few mile you come upon this old abandoned farmhouse.  Over the years I had passed by, stopped for some photos, but as photogenic as the place looked, I could never come with an image that fit what I saw in my mind.

Finally, a year or two ago, there I was again.  This time I felt that I was going to finally get the right photograph.  I can’t say why I felt that, maybe it was the sky that was different, but I again set up my camera.  The top photo is the original.

Old House on the Prairie - original

Old House on the Prairie - final edit

I opted to crop it as you see in the bottom photo.  I then done some post editing in Photoshop Elements.  That was a couple of years ago and I really don’t remember what all I did to it.  But I like it. 🙂

Click photos to see enlargements.

Canon EOS7D with 24-105mm zoom lens.  1/400 sec. @ f8, ISO 400.