Green-tailed Towhee – Lifer 240

I had always been envious of some other parts of Texas, that had some birds that we didn’t have here in San Angelo.  Here in my area, depending on the time of year, we have 371 different species of birds, so I shouldn’t be disappointed.   But, as they say, the grass always look greener over the fence.

In far west Texas, they have great birds like the Scott’s Orioles, Montezuma Quail, etc.  In east Texas the have exotic shore birds, and the beautiful Green Jay.  But, I should be satisfied that I have 371 species to look for.  Anyway, one of those birds from the west got off course and flew in to visit for a few days.  It is the Green-tailed Towhee, (Pipilo chlorurus).

Yesterday morning I got an e-mail from a fellow bird photographer of mine, Bill Yeates, who had been to the bird blind at San Angelo State Park.  He had spotted, and photographed a Green-tailed Towhee.  I had to see this, so Ann and I set out this morning to see if this bird was still around.  If I could spot it, it would be number 240 on my life-list.

We got to the blind about 9:30, and we didn’t have to wait long.  Sure enough it made it’s appearance from the brush and grass near one of the trees.  In fact, it popped in and out of there about four times during our two-hour stay.  At that time of the morning, this time of year, the lighting in that blind is absolutely horrible.  The sun is fairly low and bright from the left.  This is why, as I mentioned in a previous post, I would rather have cloudy or overcast skies.

But as they say, if you get lemons, try to make lemonade.  I got several images and I was able to pick out these two that are reasonably acceptable.

Green-tailed Towhee

Green-tailed Towhee

These photos aren’t up to my usual standards, but I wanted to show another colorful and unusual bird that we have here in Texas.

Click on either image to see an enlargement.