New Toy – Canon Powershot SX40

Well, I went and done it.  I had been looking for a light, small, camera for those little hikes that I like to make and not have to carry heavy gear.  You know what I mean, just something for the birding and any other quick photo ops that might appear.  A couple of friends had this camera so I decided to check it out.  I read all about it and realized this would fill the bill.  Check this LINK to read about it your self.

It has a 35x zoom, from 24mm  wide angle to nearly 840mm, actually longer reach than my 500mm with a teleconverter.  Image stabilization, auto focus, 10.5 frames per sec burst, HD video, what more could you want.  B&H has them for 399.00 right now.  But for a birder or any kind of photography it does a great job.  I have been testing mine for the past three days.  Here is a photo that I took this afternoon with the camera.  I was about 150 yards away.  This is an un-cropped full frame image.  (Well, it was cropped on the ends to fit my format only.)

Great Blue Heron - Canon Powershot SX40 HS camera

I know that several of my fellow bloggers have talked about getting a longer lens, so how about a long lens with a camera attached.

On another subject, this may be my last post until I get back from our Big Bend trip on March 2nd.  So ya’ll all stay good and don’t drink anything that I wouldn’t drink. 🙂