New Toy – Canon Powershot SX40

Well, I went and done it.  I had been looking for a light, small, camera for those little hikes that I like to make and not have to carry heavy gear.  You know what I mean, just something for the birding and any other quick photo ops that might appear.  A couple of friends had this camera so I decided to check it out.  I read all about it and realized this would fill the bill.  Check this LINK to read about it your self.

It has a 35x zoom, from 24mm  wide angle to nearly 840mm, actually longer reach than my 500mm with a teleconverter.  Image stabilization, auto focus, 10.5 frames per sec burst, HD video, what more could you want.  B&H has them for 399.00 right now.  But for a birder or any kind of photography it does a great job.  I have been testing mine for the past three days.  Here is a photo that I took this afternoon with the camera.  I was about 150 yards away.  This is an un-cropped full frame image.  (Well, it was cropped on the ends to fit my format only.)

Great Blue Heron - Canon Powershot SX40 HS camera

I know that several of my fellow bloggers have talked about getting a longer lens, so how about a long lens with a camera attached.

On another subject, this may be my last post until I get back from our Big Bend trip on March 2nd.  So ya’ll all stay good and don’t drink anything that I wouldn’t drink. 🙂

46 thoughts on “New Toy – Canon Powershot SX40

  1. I too am into Canon big time. Just purchased the 70-200 II IS f/2.8. I absolutely love it, positively. It is heavy, but the pictures are incredible. Want to make a trip to San Angelo when the new chicks hatch. If they have already done so, please e-mail me.

    • When you get to San Angelo, look me up. That 70-200 you bought is incredible. I am not sure which chicks you are talking about. 🙂

      P.S. I am back from my trip and am just now getting to answering all the comments.

  2. Sounds like a great camera, Bob! Most impressed with the focal length range of the lens! It has taken a great shot of the heron! Hope you are having a superb break and thoroughly enjoying taking millions of new photographs! Looking forward to seeing them!



  3. Enjoy your trip, Bob!

    I have a Powershot SX30 to supplement my T3i and I’m glad I picked one up, too. There are times when you want a smaller camera that can still take good photos, and Powershots seem to do this well!

  4. I hear Powershots are great cameras! You could make a Polaroid instamatic take good pictures if you don’t mind me saying!

  5. Wish you hadn’t mentioned and demonstrated the new Cannon…..makes me want to go out and spend dollar bills!! Enjoy Big Bend….I’m longing to get back to the Wild West!!

  6. Wow that is 150 yards? The price sounds right for it being tax time too! I’m really impressed Bob. I’m going to go read more about it. Have fun on your trip and I’ll be looking forward to your posts when you get home. (: Melissa

    • Hi Melissa, just getting around to answering comment. I really appreciat what you have to say. I had more practice with the SX40 while gone, and I am more impressed. 🙂

  7. Have a great trip Bob – I will look forward to seeing your shots when you get back. I have the feeling we can still drink what we like, with your approval, LOL. Margaritas are my favorite! 😉

  8. Have fun on your trip, looking forward to your photos from there. I have a Powershot SX 130 for kayaking when I don’t want to risk my DSLR, and it is an impressive little camera, I’m sure you’ll love the SX 40.

  9. An amazing shot, Bob – looks like you’re going to have fun with the new camera. Have a great time in Big Bend, thanks for thinking of our dietary requirements while you’re gone! 🙂

  10. Great shot..and the camera looks very interesting.I am in need of a new will check this out…have a great time and hurry back with new photos..we will all miss your daily posts..

  11. Sounds (and looks) like a great gear addition for you Bob, especially for the price. I’m sure you’ll give it a workout on your trip – hope you enjoy. BTW, I’m sipping on a whiskey as I type this and wondering if it’s on your drink “list”… 🙂

    • Well, Ron, I don’t expect it to replace my current 7D and my, as you know, ultra expensive L series lenses. But it will be a fun and convenient thing for those little hikes throught the hot desert.
      BTW, Ron, you and I are alot alike. Earlier I was sipping on my daily evening bourbon and coke. I do that every evening around 4-5 PM, before dinner. One or two, depending on how much time I have while Ann fixes our meal.

  12. I think that you have made a great choice. Have a wonderful trip and look forward to what you have for us when you get back. 🙂

  13. You’re not going to be sorry you bought that camera, I have the 30SX and is very light but their glass is one of the finest! That sample photo is excellent! Have a nice trip my friend! 🙂

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