Return from Big Bend – Part III

I need to digress a bit.  Actually before we entered the Big Bend National Park the previous day, we stopped at Post Park in Marathon, Texas.  It is a neat little place about 5 miles south of the city.  A small creek flows through the park, and it had

been recently stocked with 2,000 small Rainbow Trout.  There were many people there, all with their chilldren trying their luck at making the catch of the day.  So any birding activity was brief.  However, we did catch a photos of a Lark Bunting, (Calamospiza melanocorys), and a Sage Thrasher, (Oreoscoptes montanus).

After our little trip to the Rio Grande Village, we ended up staying in a little “casita” at Far Flung Outdoor Center in Study Butte.  This village

Sage Thrasher

is about three miles outside the west entrance to the BBNP.  Our room had a nice porch with rocking chairs overlooking the large courtyard that was planted with a variety of desert plants.  There were also bird feeders around and I got a nice photograph of a female Pyrrhuloxia, (Cardinalis sinuatus).

That evening we decided to eat at one our favorite night spots in the Study Butte/Terlingua area.  The place is call La Kiva, meaning ‘the cave’.  A fun delightful spot that serves excellent coussine and cold margaritas.

female Pyrrhuloxia at a feeder

That is, of course, ahem, if you indulge in that sort of stuff. 🙂  But, alas, Ann and I have mellowed in our ages and we are pretty much early birds.  After we split a 12 oz. rib-eye steak and each a margarita, we headed back to our motel.  The following morning we wanted to head to Sam Neal’s ranch for some birding.  And that, of course will be after we have a great breakfast at the Roadrunner Deli.  Frank Jones, the owner will have our coffee ready.