San Angelo State Park Birds

Tuesday began with overcast skies again.  Temperatures were quite nice, though.  With the cloudy skies I decided to get out of the house and visit the blind at San Angelo State Park.  I love the lighting in these conditions; no bright sunlight or harsh shadows.  Ann had to do some household chores, so I could concentrate more on my bird photography, and less on just bird watching.

When I first got there, I first saw a Spotted Towhee, (Pipilo maculatus), darting in and out of some nearby brush.  Occasionally, he would flit up into a small tree.

Spotted Towhee

Then there were the two Pyrrhuloxia, (Cardinalis sinuatus), a male and a female.  Two very beautiful birds.  One, the male, was in a bird feeder.

Pyrrhuloxia (male)

The female was peeking around from a small log.

Pyrrhuloxia (female)

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Click on any image to see a beautiful enlargement.  More to come soon.