San Angelo State Park Birds

Tuesday began with overcast skies again.  Temperatures were quite nice, though.  With the cloudy skies I decided to get out of the house and visit the blind at San Angelo State Park.  I love the lighting in these conditions; no bright sunlight or harsh shadows.  Ann had to do some household chores, so I could concentrate more on my bird photography, and less on just bird watching.

When I first got there, I first saw a Spotted Towhee, (Pipilo maculatus), darting in and out of some nearby brush.  Occasionally, he would flit up into a small tree.

Spotted Towhee

Then there were the two Pyrrhuloxia, (Cardinalis sinuatus), a male and a female.  Two very beautiful birds.  One, the male, was in a bird feeder.

Pyrrhuloxia (male)

The female was peeking around from a small log.

Pyrrhuloxia (female)

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Click on any image to see a beautiful enlargement.  More to come soon.

38 thoughts on “San Angelo State Park Birds

  1. Bob
    Thanks for sharing……the shot of the male Cardinal on the feeder turned out really nice and sharp. I have never seen this type of Cardinal before. It is really nice to see the different species of Cardinals from around the country.

  2. The Pyrrhuloxias are amazing birds – what a massive beak! Love the female’s character in the last image. Beautiful images once again, Bob.

    • Yes, Toby, I would think it very unusual for a Northern Cardinal to have a white crown. Personally, I have never heard of that happening. But I guess it could happen to be some kind of morph or quirk.

  3. Okay, your photos have convinced me that I really need to get a better camera. On the other hand, perhaps I should go back to the posts where you talk about the photography itself and give myself a lesson. Fantastic photos as usual!

  4. I’ve never seen a Towhee yet, and probably won’t see that “Cardinal on steroids” (Pyrrhuloxia) either… but I have seen a Black Capped Chickadee or two at my bird feeders these past two weeks! So cute! Hey, I’ll take what I can get, and let you bring me the rest! Lovely!
    ~ Lynda

  5. As usual, great photos. I love the birds with the crests..last two shots are awesome. Who says birds don’t have character? Look forward to more posts..

    • The Spotted Towhees are elusive. They usually stay pretty much hidden and just dart out of the brush for a tidbit, then disappear just as quick. Thanks for the comment.

  6. I love the last two birds… That start with a P :). That male is so stunning and I love how the female was peaking out from behind a log. So cute! Great post, Bob! I look forward to the photos to come 🙂

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