Osprey FOS – (First of season)

Donna Wadsley over at Bay Photos by Donna was wanting to see a “Texan” Osprey.  She has a nest that she observes in her “backyard”, (Chesapeake Bay).  So, I say, “Donna, this bird’s for you”.  I photographed this one Thursday at Spring Creek Park.  It was perched in a dead tree across the river.  It really was our first good observation of one this year.  I think we had a glimpse of one flying overhead a few weeks ago, but it went by pretty fast.  This photo isn’t one of my best, as the the skies were heavily overcast, and the bird was somewhat backlit.  I admit that I didn’t get the best exposure that I would have liked.  Sometimes I just don’t get it right, so blame it on the camera operator.