Osprey FOS – (First of season)

Donna Wadsley over at Bay Photos by Donna was wanting to see a “Texan” Osprey.  She has a nest that she observes in her “backyard”, (Chesapeake Bay).  So, I say, “Donna, this bird’s for you”.  I photographed this one Thursday at Spring Creek Park.  It was perched in a dead tree across the river.  It really was our first good observation of one this year.  I think we had a glimpse of one flying overhead a few weeks ago, but it went by pretty fast.  This photo isn’t one of my best, as the the skies were heavily overcast, and the bird was somewhat backlit.  I admit that I didn’t get the best exposure that I would have liked.  Sometimes I just don’t get it right, so blame it on the camera operator.


26 thoughts on “Osprey FOS – (First of season)

  1. Bob, I’ve still got ten posts to go back through to catch up, and I am really enjoying myself reading through them! However, so as to save you the effort of keeping leaving what you are doing to respond to my comments, particularly from so far back, I will just read the rest, admire them but refrain from commenting! Is that ok with you?



  2. On our only visit to the US (Florida Keys), we were astonished to see Ospreys on almost every post – they’re an uncommon sight in the UK. Ours should be returning now, too. Lovely pic!

  3. Dear Bob, I’m sorry I was late with my “likes” and this comment. Since I changed my email address I lost all the subscriptions for newsletters of new posts. I’ve just signed up again to receive your notifications. 🙂
    All your photos are fantastic as always! Thanks Mr. Cavalier! 🙂

  4. LOVE! First of season? I have never seen one, am hoping to this weekend, we are headed to a park which claims to have an Osprey nest and Great Blue Heron rookery. What are the odds I could kill two birds with one stone, hehehe….JUST KIDDING!!! Love your images, have a great weekend, Bob!

    • I would say that you have an excellent chance of seeing both the Osprey and Great Blue Herons. I’m glad you like my photos. I certainly appreciate it, Sheila. 🙂

  5. You take the shots where you find them..Ospreys are really great birds..even in Texas. Ha! Ha! I love the detail of the head on this photo..his eyes are so penetrating..have a great day..what is next????

  6. Thanks for posting this even though the exposure wasn’t perfect… Might be the camera operator’s fault but it’s the only one I’ve seen that the exposure is not dead on 🙂 what a cool bird! How big are these ospreys? Great post, Bob!

  7. Woo Hoo! Now that’s one fine-looking Texan osprey! 🙂 From ‘across the river’….WOW awesome shot Bob, you are a superb photographer as always. Thanks for the shout-out, so kind!

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