Ruby-crowned Kinglet

It has been a pretty week and week-end.  Now I can relax for a few days.  Over the past three days there was the annual Stribling Art Extravaganza, an art show and sale.  I had entered two framed images, as I do every year.  On Sunday I made my usual trip down at 4:00PM to pick up my un-sold work.  Voila!  I discovered that both pieces had been sold.  What a nice surprise.  In previous shows, I had sold only one, or none at all.

The local parks were very busy with campers, hikers, etc.  Spring breaks are finishing up, I guess.  We did take a short drive, though, and I got a few images but most weren’t anything to write home about.  I got this shot of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula) on Friday.  It beats by far, one that I had gotten a week or so earlier.  They are so difficult to photograph.  First of all, they are tiny and hard to see.  After you locate one, then it is hard to focus on it because they are constantly on the move, hopping from one branch to another.

On Saturday morning, Gene and Ethel Berger, who are dear friends of ours, asked us to stop by their lake house out at Lake Nasworthy.  They wanted to show us their beds of Texas Bluebonnets.  They were spectacular as this

Texas Bluebonnets

photograph shows.  Maybe I can get out this week and get more photos of some before they bloom out.  It is the state wildflower and they are blooming profusely now around the area.  This photograph, by the way, was taken on Sunday morning.  I had taken a few on Saturday, but wasn’t satisfied with the results and so I decided to sneak back there for another attempt.

This week promises to be another busy one.  I have been putting off some errands and chores, so I must get caught up.  The car needs washing since the rains are all over for awhile, and I need to do some trimming around the bird blind at San Angelo State Park.  I am going to lead a birding trip for the Abilene Audubon Society on Saturday morning.  They are going to be traveling 90 miles to get here so I feel I better give them a good show.  It should be fun, although I think that all of them are a much better birder than I am.  I am hoping to learn from them.

So have a great week, everyone.  Click on any of the photos to see an enlargement of each.

26 thoughts on “Ruby-crowned Kinglet

  1. The Ruby Crowned Kinglet photograph is a beauty, Bob! The colours match so well, the depth of field is just right, the placing of the bird against the flowers is as perfect as you could get, and the composition of the shot is superb! Love it!



  2. I never see them, only hear them. Great shot, and I absolutely LOVE the wildflowers. I would love for you to lead one of our bird tours up here! That would be so cool!

    • Great, I’ll hop on the next plane! 🙂

      Our trees are starting to fill out so I probably won’t be able to see another one for awhile. Thanks for the comment, Sheila.

  3. Bob, I don’t think Kinglets are that easy to see let alone capture with the camera.As always, I am enjoying your work and the arrival of our fine-feathered friends.Happy Spring! Jane

  4. The Bluebonets are just gorgeous, I remember them well from living in Texas. Congrats on the sale of your images and getting the kinglet shots, they are such hyper little dynamos!

    • Thank you so much for your kind support, :-). But the reality of it all is that when it comes to birding, I still am a novice. I’ll always have time to blog. 🙂

  5. Congrats on the image sales Bob! And I certainly agree with you about how difficult it is to photograph the kinglet – they’re the most hyper subject I’ve ever attempted. The bluebonnets are gorgeous.

  6. Congrats Bob on the sales! Sounds to me that it was a productive weekend and everything worked out fine! I agree with Jo…until I enlarged the photo I kinda thought the rock was a rabbit also. Funny. Love the photos!

  7. what can I say on a Marvelous Monday…except MARVELOUS PHOTOS..the colors in the blue bonnets are such so intense..and I love the little guy..they are hard to even see, let alone photograph. I am so excited for you and the group coming in for the tour…take care and have fun..

  8. Well done on your sales, Bob! The kinglet photo is just exquisite. I love the bluebonnets, too. Is it bad that the rock in the middle pic looks to me like a rabbit eating the flowers? 😀

  9. As always, I enjoyed your blog and your wonderful photographs. Those bluebonnets are so beautiful and it is just amazing how many there are in the hill country. Enjoy your birding this week!

  10. Congratulations on selling both prints!! I’m not surprised, though, your work is wonderful!! I am getting ready to enter a couple of prints in a gallery show coming up in June I think I have it narrowed down to which ones I want to use…. 😉

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