Prairie Dog and Wild Turkeys

Prairie Dog

Spring is in the air at San Angelo State Park.  The prairie dogs are enjoying the spring wildflowers and the Wild Turkeys are in love, as you can tell from the pictures.  Ann and I caught these this morning as we took a little drive.

Enjoy the photos.  Click on either one for an enlargement.

Wild Turkey - Displaying

37 thoughts on “Prairie Dog and Wild Turkeys

  1. Love the photographs, particularly the Prairie Dog – as colourful as the turkey looks, I still prefer them on a plate! I think you must be trying to overtake me here, Bob, because as soon as I have read your post, looked at the photographs and commented, up pops your response! I suppose that is as close as we can get to a ‘live’ confab on WordPress! Yippee-ay-ee-whatever it is back at ya!



  2. Your prairie dog photos are always so beautiful and capture the true spirit of a prairie dog. Just like the one you’ve had published twice 😉 love the turkey too! Great post, Bob and fantastic work!!

  3. Yep..I agree Spring is definitely in the air. We saw our first Prairie Dog last week. Haven’t seen our turkeys for a while…we have lots of them here in Pagosa Country. Great shots and the clarity never seem to amaze me..especially the wildflowers as you could count each petal. We have ugly weather yesterday and today it is clearing out. Our bird feeder was visited by a Lewis Woodpecker and a Tri-colored Black bird. They are such beautiful birds..don’t mind them feeding now and then..Take care and waiting for the next post..

    • Thanks so much, Syl. I appreciate you. You have some amazing birds there that we don’t have here. I may try to go photograph wildflowers tomorrow. If I do, watch for a post about them.

  4. Great photos Bob. I love the colorful wildflowers. We’re getting patches of green among the brown, but nothing so spring-like as this! (:

    • Thanks, Melissa, we were fortunate to finally get enough spring rains. The countryside around here is alive with color from all the wildflowers. I guess I need to go out and get a bunch of photos of them. 🙂

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