Spring Blooming Texas Bluebonnets

Yesterday I showed you some spring photos of a Wild Turkey and a Prairie Dog.  Now I think it is time for you to see what happens along the highways, byways, and open fields this time of year.  Texas comes alive with wildflowers, especially if there has been ample spring rains.  The star of the show is the Texas Bluebonnets.  They are in bloom right now and should last for another week or two before they fall victim to the Texas heat.  Let’s enjoy them while we can.

Click on any of the three images to see an enlargement.

42 thoughts on “Spring Blooming Texas Bluebonnets

  1. Nice photographs, Bob! You did some other photos of the landscape around Texas a while ago which I enjoyed! Feel free to do more whenever you wish! It’s nice to see the places where my blogging friends live!



  2. Aren’t they beautiful? I saw some along the highway and didn’t stop. I probably should have. Instead, I photographed one of them. One lonely bluebonnet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I especially love the one featuring the fence post. (: Enjoying lots of nests building around the yard this week…. the birds are busy! Still getting below freezing at night so you referring to the heat wilting flowers seems very foreign still. Happy almost Easter Bob.

  4. Beautiful images – very interesting to see the countryside and flowers. I can see how dry the ground is already.

  5. I have been fortunate to see the displays of spring wildflowers in Texas a couple of times, and you captured it well! Once, there was some kind of butterfly migration or something going on as well, thousands of small yellowish butterflies headed south, even though it was spring. That was south of you, near Eagle Pass, does the same thing happen in your neck of the prairie?

  6. So beautiful!! And so different from your other posts! I love wild flowers and I love how you’ve captured their wild, spreadin’ spirit. It’s cool to see what’s blooming in Texas right now 🙂

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