Monday SA State Park photos

Ann had a bunch of housework to do this morning.  I told her, “Hey, you don’t get to have all the fun,  if you get to do housework, I get to go out to San Angelo State Park. 🙂  (Please donate to my medical bills after Ann reads this.)

And so, I set off to try to get some pictures for today’s post.  I like the solitude at the park some days, when it is just me, my camera, and the prospect of finding a nice wildlife photo.

Wild Turkey

I stopped at the bird blind first to check out what may be hanging around.  Not much action there, but I heard the gobbles of some Wild Turkey near by.  From the blind I could glimpse them, but they were obscured in my vision by trees, feeders, etc.  I decided to grab my Canon with the 100-400mm lens and leave the blind to stalk them.  I managed to keep them in sight as I scurried from tree to tree, trying to avoid being seen by them.  I was also wary of the possibility of rattlesnakes in the area.  But I ended up safe and sound, and with some nice photos, including the one above of one of the Wild Turkeys displaying his show-off plumage.

Black-throated Sparrow

After that I hopped into the car for a little drive around the park.  San Angelo State Park is a great place for birding and photographing from the car.  On week days such as this there are few people around, and I can go as slow as I want and drive where I want.  In the middle of the road, wrong lane or on the shoulder, or drive backwards. 🙂

I was on one of these empty roads when I spotted this tiny bird in the distance in the top of a tree.  It was so far, that I couldn’t make a definite ID, but there was something about it that was unfamiliar.  I used my 500mm lens with the 1.4 tele-converter, attached to my Canon 7D.  The image was grossly underexposed, probably due to the meter mis-reading such a tiny subject with a bright background. But because of the miracle of Photoshop, I was able to correct the exposure after I got home.  It turned out to be a Black-throated Sparrow.  Not a rare bird, but very hard to find around here.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Continuing on, I came across another Scissor-tailed Flycatcher that I thought would make a nice image.  He was moving around a lot as they are want to do, when trying to catch real or imaginative gnats or insects.  He finally settled and I was able to get the picture you see above.

I saw many more bird species, but wasn’t sucessful in getting any usable images.  Most of the time I just got quick glimpses or they were flying to far away.  But, click on any ot these images to see an enlargement.

Note:  It may be Wednesday before I have another post.  I will be at the hospital tomorrow with Ann as she has cataract surgery on her left eye.  As I said earlier in this post, I will be lucky if I don’t end up as a patient there, after Ann reads the opening sentences of this post. 🙂