Monday SA State Park photos

Ann had a bunch of housework to do this morning.  I told her, “Hey, you don’t get to have all the fun,  if you get to do housework, I get to go out to San Angelo State Park. 🙂  (Please donate to my medical bills after Ann reads this.)

And so, I set off to try to get some pictures for today’s post.  I like the solitude at the park some days, when it is just me, my camera, and the prospect of finding a nice wildlife photo.

Wild Turkey

I stopped at the bird blind first to check out what may be hanging around.  Not much action there, but I heard the gobbles of some Wild Turkey near by.  From the blind I could glimpse them, but they were obscured in my vision by trees, feeders, etc.  I decided to grab my Canon with the 100-400mm lens and leave the blind to stalk them.  I managed to keep them in sight as I scurried from tree to tree, trying to avoid being seen by them.  I was also wary of the possibility of rattlesnakes in the area.  But I ended up safe and sound, and with some nice photos, including the one above of one of the Wild Turkeys displaying his show-off plumage.

Black-throated Sparrow

After that I hopped into the car for a little drive around the park.  San Angelo State Park is a great place for birding and photographing from the car.  On week days such as this there are few people around, and I can go as slow as I want and drive where I want.  In the middle of the road, wrong lane or on the shoulder, or drive backwards. 🙂

I was on one of these empty roads when I spotted this tiny bird in the distance in the top of a tree.  It was so far, that I couldn’t make a definite ID, but there was something about it that was unfamiliar.  I used my 500mm lens with the 1.4 tele-converter, attached to my Canon 7D.  The image was grossly underexposed, probably due to the meter mis-reading such a tiny subject with a bright background. But because of the miracle of Photoshop, I was able to correct the exposure after I got home.  It turned out to be a Black-throated Sparrow.  Not a rare bird, but very hard to find around here.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Continuing on, I came across another Scissor-tailed Flycatcher that I thought would make a nice image.  He was moving around a lot as they are want to do, when trying to catch real or imaginative gnats or insects.  He finally settled and I was able to get the picture you see above.

I saw many more bird species, but wasn’t sucessful in getting any usable images.  Most of the time I just got quick glimpses or they were flying to far away.  But, click on any ot these images to see an enlargement.

Note:  It may be Wednesday before I have another post.  I will be at the hospital tomorrow with Ann as she has cataract surgery on her left eye.  As I said earlier in this post, I will be lucky if I don’t end up as a patient there, after Ann reads the opening sentences of this post. 🙂

43 thoughts on “Monday SA State Park photos

  1. Obviously you survived this post, Bob, and I hope that Ann notices a huge difference in her sight and colour awareness after the op! I like your wild turkey photograph, Bob! He looks very regal and colourful! Not my favourite looking bird even though you have caught him really well! Actually, I prefer seeing them on the Christmas dining table! Much more attractive there!



  2. You’ve been seeing a lot of the scissor tailed flycatcher lately. I love it! I don’t as a general rule like turkeys. However, this one is really nice! ~ Lynda

  3. That’s one impressive pose on that struttin’ Tom Bob. And the sparrow is one I’ve never been able to photograph, though we’re supposed to have them here. As always, I’m jealous of your ST Flycatchers. Well done.

    • Thanks, Ron. That is the first time I have ever been able to get a Wild Turkey when it was strutting. Also, I had seen some Black-throated Sparrows before, this was the first decent image I have ever gotten.

  4. Sending positive thoughts for Ann tomorrow! Nice images, especially the sparrow. Glad you did not accidently stumble upon any rattlesnakes during your hiking 🙂

  5. Wishing Ann luck tomorrow with her surgery and hoping you don’t end up as a patient there too Bob! 😉

    Love the Turkey image, he is a handsome guy. I also love the Black-throated Sparrow, we have them here but I’ve not yet been able to get close enough to one to have the images I desire of them.

  6. Boy, Bob, you are tempting fate. Better get your apron on to make amends for that one 🙂 Great colour on the turkey feathers. Trust that Ann’s surgery was successful. What a miracle of modern technology!

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