Quiz 1 – Results are in!

Before I get to the main subject of this post, I need a favor from all of you.  You may have noticed that I now have a Bob Zeller Photography Facebook page.  Please check it out by clicking on the link or the link on the right side of this page.  Then do me a favor and click “like” for me.  I am new to all of this stuff, but I understand that if I get 30 “likes” something special will happen.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe bombs will burst, fireworks will flare, streamers will fall, confetti will fall, I will get the key to the city, or I will get the the man of the year award.  Who knows, but I would like for all of you to have a look. 🙂

Okay, let get to it!  From all of the comments this week, my first Bird ID quiz has been a smash hit.  So I will not keep you in suspense any further.  Here are the results from 45 votes:

  • Lark Sparrow                        17 votes
  • Red-winged Blackbird       18    “
  • Sage Thrasher                          9    “
  • Common Grackle                    1    “
  • Red-shouldered Hawk          0   ”

    Female Red-winged Blackbird

The photo is a female Red-winged Blackbird, (Agelaius phoeniceus).  It sure fooled a lot of people.  The female is actually an attractave bird.  Most females of other species are usally kinda drab.  In the photo you can see just a smidge of red in the shoulder, though not always visible.  I threw in the choice of the Red Shouldered Hawk, to see if I could catch any of you off guard.  It has that reddish spot on the shoulder also.

I appreciate all of you that have voted.  Check back in tomorrow, Saturday April 21, to see what I have in store for you in Quiz #2.  Ann and I spent a couple of hours last night dreaming up the dastardly thing.  Heh! Heh!

Lark Sparrow

For those that thought it was a Lark Sparrow, here is what one looks like.

Sage Thrasher

And above, the third place Sage Thrasher.  The fourth place Common Grackle needs no introduction, besides, I don’t have a picture of one. 🙂  Click on any image to see enlargements.

25 thoughts on “Quiz 1 – Results are in!

  1. Hi Bob! I also have a FB page but it has automatically changed to a new format and I need to spend some time finding out how the new format works because it just looks awful at the moment! I can’t say I have found FB very useful! Will be interested to see how yours goes! By the way, since I’m working back through your posts in reverse, I think the quiz idea is great! I have had a go at Quiz 2 and will enjoy taking part in any others you do!



    • There was another little thingee popped up that gave me more information about likes, hits, etc. I’m still not really sure what is going here. FB is still really new to me. I think I was born too soon. 🙂

  2. No kidding?! Well, guess I missed that one. Will have to look closer at the RWB around here! Are you sure it isn’t cheating to bring out the bird book for your dastardly quiz? Will be checking tomorrow for the next one. And, do continue to be careful where you walk when going to the other side of the pond for that perfect bird shot. You do seem to go prepared with a tripod, lens, etc; that pack must weigh an extra 50 pounds! I am impressed. Thanks for sharing.

    • Whoa,I am glad I am impressing you, Elizabeth. Heck, no it isn’t cheating to look in the bird book. That’s the object of these quizzes, to help people get educated, to learn to use the guides, etc.

    • You are so right, the red feathers on the should was the clue. I am working on the next one, to be published tomorrow, Saturday. Thanks for your comment, Syl, (and congrats on getting it right.) 🙂

  3. Oh dear, well I can only get better! Sorry I can’t ‘like’ your Facebook page, Bob, because I don’t use Facebook!

  4. Hmm…you’ll have to let me know what happens when you get to 30 likes, because I have more of that on Capture What Counts and nothing happened. Curious!

    I like the little lark sparrow…lovely background too!

    • On my Bob Zeller Photography page, FB says, “Once 30 people like your page, you’ll get access to insights about your activity”. So I am curious to find out what the heck they are talking about. 🙂

      I will check out your Capture What Counts page. 🙂

  5. You certainly fooled me Bob! Great quiz! I googled and googled and thought there was no way it could be a bkackbird! Ha didn’t think about the difference in looks between the sexes of the same species. Great post! It’d be really cool if you randomly picked a winner from the correct ones and gave away a free print of your bird photo… Just a thought hehe but maybe I am just dying to own a bird print of yours :). I’m planning a giveaway soon on my blog but my photos aren’t nearly as gorgeous as yours! Great, fun post and I look forward to the next quiz to come 🙂

    • Thank you for a great comment, Polly. I will think about your idea, but actually, I cannot afford to ship out a free print every week. I appreciate your remark that you are dying to own a print. 🙂 I am glad that you are one of fans. 🙂

      • maybe not every week but a few times a year would be fun… that is how some of my photographer friends have gotten folks to like their facebook page… picked a random winner from those that liked their page after announcing a giveaway. Hope you will check out my blog one day. Keep up the good work and hope you have a great weekend!

        • I thought that I had checked out your blog before, but I don’t think I had. I just did a few minutes ago and so far I am impressed. Well done, Polly. 🙂

  6. I love the bird quiz, but I made a mistake for this one, maybe two. The first mistake was that I didn’t write down what my answer was, and I have forgotten which one I chose, so I don’t know if I was right or wrong. Well, at least this way I can always claim I was right, even if I wasn’t. 😉

  7. What a great idea to put in photos of the other similar looking birds… I love that and its a great learning tool too!I liked Bob Z Photo on fb and highly recommend it for kids of all ages! Happy Friday Bobarino (:

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