Quiz #2 – Final Results

Here we go again.  This second quiz garnered more votes than the first one, so it seems that the interest in them are growing.  I, for one, am really enjoying them, but of course I have an advantage.  I know the answer.  But I hope more of you are starting to use some photo guides to help you along.  It is not cheating to do so.  I encourage it.  This is the original picture that you were asked to identify.

So after a world-wide vote of 84 votes, here is the final tabulation:

  1. Spotted Towhee                                 39
  2. Black-headed Grosbeak                  19
  3. American Robin                                18
  4. Orchard Oriole                                     7
  5. Dark-eyed Junco                                 1

The correct answer is Spotted Towhee.  That means that nearly half of you readers got it right.  That’s not bad, as the wrong answers were birds that are very similar. as these pictures show.

Black-headed Grosbeak

American Robin

Orchard Oriole

Dark-eyed Junco 

So that does it for Quiz #2.  I will let you digest this for the evening.  Tune in tomorow, Saturday morning for the always exciting, Quiz #3. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Quiz #2 – Final Results

    • I thought that you would probably pick ’em right, Mia 🙂 Next one is tomorrow and I bet you’ll get it right, too. Msaybe I need to start being a bit more devious. 🙂

  1. 2 for 2.. the eyes were the give away again. This is fun and I agree educational because we get use to just seeing birds in our own area and with the pc and photos we can really expand our bird watching..thanks so much for starting this..look forward to Saturday..

  2. Great fun! And so educational too. Thanks for doing this, Bob. I’m starting to look at the birds around us with different eys now. 🙂

  3. YAY YAY!! I got it right. 😀 😀 There is something “Towhee” about this bird. Hehehe 😀

    Thanks, Bob. 🙂

  4. Woohoo – I got it right! I did learn a bunch by researching the choices and having all the birds together now is even more instructive. This is so much fun. Can’t wait til tomorrow!

  5. Well I thought it was an Orchard Oriole but then I’ve never seen any of them before! Next time I’m definitely using a guide! 🙂

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