Blog Post Number 500 and Quiz #3 Results

Well, I made it.  This is my 500th post to my Texas Tweeties blog.  I am going to be popping champagne and toasting all of my loyal readers, in 129 countries, plus all of the new ones that subscribed today.  So all of you out there in the blogosphere, have a little drink of your choice and raise your glass with me to another 500 posts.

Snowy Egret

I guess the first order of business is giving you the results of my third quiz that ended last night.  As of this Friday morning, the results were:

  1. Snowy Egret          21
  2. Cattle Egret              9
  3. Great Egret               4
  4. Forsters Tern           1
  5. White Ibis                 0

Those that thought it was a Snowy Egret, congrats, you are right.

Cattle Egret

Great Egret

Forsters Tern

I’m sorry, but I didn’t have an image of a White Ibis.

Thursday morning we drove out to Spring Creek Park and we saw another Green Heron in some reeds.  Check out these photos.

Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron in flight

Green Heron in flight

So I hope you enjoyed this post and the photos.  Tune in tomorrow for Quiz #4.  It will be another challenge.  Click on the above photos to see an enlargement.

38 thoughts on “Blog Post Number 500 and Quiz #3 Results

  1. Yeah!! the eyes have it again..the photos of the Green Heron are beautiful..especially those in flight. Congrat on your 500th post..well done my friend..

  2. Yay!! I got that one right!! I love these quizzes… I have a bird book coming in the mail and I would just like you to know that you have made a bird lover out of me! I need to branch out of my backyard now and seek out birds elsewhere. Congrats on your 500th post! Thats about 300 more posts than me! Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

    • Thanks for you wonderful comment, Polly. I am glad to have made another convert out of you. Birding is such a fun hobby, and definitely addictive. 🙂

  3. An “atta boy!” for Bob! Congratulations on 500 blog postings and quiz #3 answer, which did not improve my quiz average, but it was fun. Looking forward to blog 501 and quiz #4.

  4. Big congrats on the milestone 500th blog post Bob – that’s a biggie, for sure! And very nice job on the heron photos. I particularly like the first flight shot.

  5. Great action shots Bob. I love Green Heron’s…. keep looking out for their arrival, but no luck yet. Just the Orioles and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are back. (:

  6. Bob, amazing shots off all the birds but I love the green heron. I know how skittish they are and that makes these shots all the more impressive. I am impressed that you were able to follow him in flight so well (I would have ended up focused on a tree on the far bank). I like the raised feathers on the top of his wings caused by turbulance in air flow over the wing at high angles of attack. I really enjoy your blog and congradulate you on reaching this milestone.

    Ray Matlack (

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