Quiz #4 – What is this bird??

Okay, here is the newest quiz, #4 in the series.  What is this bird?

What bird is this??

Select your answer from the list below, then click vote.  Don’t be embarrassed that you might be wrong.  No one else, including me, will see your vote.  Results to be posted Friday May 11.  Good luck! 

12 thoughts on “Quiz #4 – What is this bird??

  1. I voted..yeah!! Leaving tomorrow for the Four Corners will stand on 4 states at once..then off to Window Rock and then Payson Arizona. Hopefully will see some new wildlife along the way. Love the photo as this little bird looks like he is really seeking to find a treasure.

    • That sounds like an exciting trip. I always loved New Mexico and the red rock country. Always wanted to see Shiprock, but haven’t made it yet. Someday………:-)

  2. I know what it is. I voted. These cute little birds visit us every day for their handouts. They are amusing and come very close to us when when put out their treats. A couple of shots made it on my blog a while back.

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