Sharp-shinned Hawk with Canon PowerShot SX40

We were in Big Bend National Park on the first of March this year.  I had taken many, many photos around that time.  I am just now getting back into my files from them to do some sorting.  I came across this image that I had nearly forgotten about.

I had purchased a new Canon PowerShot SX40 camera for use in taking on short hikes when I didn’t want to load myself down with my heavy equipment.  I had came across this hawk in the trees and decided that was an opportunity to see what the camera could do.  We were birding from the car, so I was probably only about  75 feet away.  I would say that the camera did a bang-up job.  Exposure was 1/200 sec. @f5.8, ISO 100.  Zoom was set at 150mm.  Hand-held.  I might add that I just finished printing a 12×16 enlargement that I am going to frame.  Only down-side that I can think of, is the viewfinder is a bit small and hard to get used to.

So if anyone is contemplating a new small lightweight, economically priced camera with a heck of a long zoom, this may be just the ticket.

Click on the image to see an enlargement.

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