Yellow-crowned Night Heron Chicks

You may remember back on May 23, I posted about the nesting of Yellow-Crowned Night Herons.  Click here to see that post.  Here is what the chicks look like today.  How soon they grow up. 🙂

Yellow-crowned Night Heron with chicks. I believe that they are about to fledge.

I shot this with my Canon EOS 7D and Canon 100-400mm lens.  Exposure was 1/250 @ f9 at ISO 400.  Fill flash was used because of the dense shade in the tree.  There were actually four chicks.  The one on the right has his beak in his feathers as if he is preening.  A fourth, is out of the picture, standing on a twig to the left.  Click on the image to see an enlargement.

Quiz #7 – Results are in

Here are the results for this week’s quiz.  You were asked to ID these five birds, and select the one you thought was the Bronzed Cowbird.  Photo C is the correct answer.  The following images show the correct IDs.

Photo A – Brewer’s Blackbird

Photo B – Phainopepla

Photo C – Bronzed Cowbird

Photo D – Great-tailed Grackle

Photo D – Raven

As of this writing 34 votes were in and 20 of you selected the correct photo.  Tune in Monday morning for Quiz #8.