Canyon Towhee – Plain but Pretty

I thought I would try to get out one last post before getting ready for a short trip to Roswell, New Mexico, to visit Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  I have been busy putting together my forthcoming book, so I haven’t got out to get some fresh photographs.  That, I hope to accomplish in New Mexico next week.

I love the Canyon Towhees (Melozone fusca). They are rather plain in appearance until you take closer look.  They have little rufous crowns, cinnamon undertail coverts, buffy throat, and overall a dull grayish brown.  Put it all together and they are a little cutie.  Here are three of my favorite images taken at San Angelo State Park.

Canyon Towhee

Canyon Towhee

Canyon Towhee

I hope you enjoy these photos.  I will be out of town for a few days so my next post will probably be next weekend.  But I will be thinking of you guys while basking in the 100 degree heat of southeastern New Mexico.  I also hope to come back with some new images to show you, and also have some late additions to add to my book.  The book is coming along nicely.  Cross your eyes and knees that I have it out by late July.

Click on any image to see some nice enlargements.

38 thoughts on “Canyon Towhee – Plain but Pretty

  1. Love the rusty color! We’re enjoying 100 degree temps too, but with 70% humidity… It’s hazy. Hope you enjoyed your trip! I’m a bit behind due to my funky acting computer. (:

  2. Hi there Bob. I haven’t commented for a bit, but I’ve still been popping in to see your wonderful birds. I love the 2nd picture here – puffed up birds are cuties. I hope you are having a really nice trip.

    • Thank you, Ron. I agree with you, they are very similar to the Green-tailed. If you see it in bad light, you have to look carefully to see which one it is.

  3. There are so many wonderful LBJ a/k/a LBB’s and many birders just spend a lifetime exploring just how interesting they are. These are lovely… Thanks for sharing a bird I’d never get to see.

  4. Have a great trip, Bob! Thanks for thinking of us. It’s only 11C here by the way, windy and raining! Just to make you feel better! Look forward to seeing your pics.

  5. Ahh, leaving the 106 degrees here for the balmy 100s in New Mexico? Hot is hot, but the scenery will be different—enjoy! The Towhee is cute. Thanks for the introduction to a different bird. Have a great time!

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