A Shot in the Park

I go out to the local parks occasionally, as you know if you have been  paying attention, to try and get a few shots.  Photo shots, that is.  The problem is that I end up getting a lot of shots and they pile up on my hard drive and I generally forget them for awhile.  Then when I find the time, like now, I go back and browse through them for subjects for my posts.

These are some that I photographed sometime in late April or early May.  Actually, I could, right now, if I wanted to, check the EXIF data and tell you the exact date, but that is immaterial to the post.  So enjoy them, and click on them if you would like to see some enlargements.


Squirrel on log.

Red-winged Blackbird on twig

Western Kingbird

In reviewing this post, I think you have already seen the photo of the Pyrruhuloxia.  Sorry to repeat, but I think I will leave it in, as it is a very pretty bird, and it will give you more practice in pronouncing it. 🙂

For you who are awaiting in anticipation, my book is still progressing right along and I should have it ready to go soon.

Happy birding!!