A Shot in the Park

I go out to the local parks occasionally, as you know if you have been  paying attention, to try and get a few shots.  Photo shots, that is.  The problem is that I end up getting a lot of shots and they pile up on my hard drive and I generally forget them for awhile.  Then when I find the time, like now, I go back and browse through them for subjects for my posts.

These are some that I photographed sometime in late April or early May.  Actually, I could, right now, if I wanted to, check the EXIF data and tell you the exact date, but that is immaterial to the post.  So enjoy them, and click on them if you would like to see some enlargements.


Squirrel on log.

Red-winged Blackbird on twig

Western Kingbird

In reviewing this post, I think you have already seen the photo of the Pyrruhuloxia.  Sorry to repeat, but I think I will leave it in, as it is a very pretty bird, and it will give you more practice in pronouncing it. 🙂

For you who are awaiting in anticipation, my book is still progressing right along and I should have it ready to go soon.

Happy birding!!

25 thoughts on “A Shot in the Park

  1. They are all (of course) great shots, but that Pyrrhuloxia takes the cake!! ….. Not sure how good I would be at pronouncing it, I’m much better at typing than speaking! 😉

    • As always, Holly, I appreciate your kind words. BTW, I enjoyed watching your video. You are soooo good at those computer projects. I am so impressed at how much you have accomplished the past two years. 🙂

  2. I remember the red winged blackbird from when I was very young in California. I do not recall seeing one since then. I looked to see their range and they are pretty much everywhere! So how am I missing them? 🙂
    ~ Lynda

  3. Bob, one of the great things about the images we “forget” for awhile is that they don’t have an expiration date like eggs do, they are “fresh” no matter when you see them! Lovely images and a fun post title.

  4. Hi there Bob! I know what you mean about shots piling up on the hard drive, happens to me too! I’m glad you share. I was thinking of you last night while I watched a movie called “The Big Year” with Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black. It was a really cute movie about birding, have you seen it? It also made me wonder, what is your “life total” of species seen? You keep track of that sort of thing, right?

    • Hi, Karen, nice to hear from you, as always. Yes, I did see “The Big Year”, and enjoyed it very much. As for my life list, it stands at a meager 246 at the present time. I keep track because it gives me a goal of sorts to shoot for, to keep adding to it. 🙂

  5. Bob, that’s a wonderful shot of the Pyrrhuloxia (I can’t spell it OR pronounce it) and I always enjoy the kingbirds. Speaking of kingbirds, I’m curious – roughly how often have you seen or photographed the red crown patch of either kingbird species, if at all? I’m trying to get a handle on how unusual it is to see it and I know that you have lots of shots of the species.

    • Hi, Ron. Honestly, I wasn’t even aware of the red crown patch until I read about it on the Birding is Fun post. Now, I am going to start looking for it. I went through most of my image of a WK and haven’t seen it yet. I can see how that would be a once in a lifetime shot. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Well o-punned title 🙂

    Nice series of images, Bob. Oh the dangers of digital. Make some shots, get busy, forget about them, find them weeks later. Guess we did that in film as well–more than once a roll of exposed film sat for a while but it is so much easier (and cheaper) to review past shoots.

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