Birds, Beasts and Buttes – Book now available

That is the name of my long awaited book of some of my best photographs.  It is now available direct from my publisher in either hard-cover or soft-cover at this LINK., where you can preview the first 15 pages.

The book has 111 photographs and 86 pages.  I am very proud of it and I think you will enjoy it.

For autographed copies of the hard-cover version, please contact me at my e-mail address:   They are being shipped to me as we speak.  I will sign them on their arrival and then ship to you as needed.

28 thoughts on “Birds, Beasts and Buttes – Book now available

  1. Congratulations Bob, I can see from the preview it is already awesome, I can’t wait to hold and view it personally. Just sent you an email, I want mine autographed, of course! 🙂

  2. Always glad to pass the word on about new books, Bob…. I wish you great success… your photos should really make the difference…

  3. I’m looking forward to flipping through my own, signed copy. Congratulations and well done, Bob. What a great accomplishment! I will be in touch via email. 🙂

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