No Regrets for these Egrets

I have never regretted plying the lakes and waterways around San Angelo, Texas, as I have always managed to come up with photos of egrets, herons, etc.   Of course, the waterways now are more like dryways.   O. C. Fisher lake is completely dry,  Twin Buttes Reservoir is only 5% percent of capacity, and Lake Nasworthy has dropped two feet and counting.   It is getting more difficult to launch a boat there anymore.

But that is not what this post is about.   In trying to find a nice subject to write about I decided to show you my best of the best favorite photos of the Great Egret, (Ardea alba).  These images have been taken in and around San Angelo in recent years, during wetter and better times.

Great Egret in reeds.

Great Egret “Night Flight”

Great Egret browsing in the reeds.

Great Egret “Liftoff”

Great Egret

Great Egret

Enjoy, and click on any image to see an enlargement.