Yellow-crowned Night Heron at the Golden Arches

As I may have mentioned before Ann and I quite frequently breakfast at the McDonald’s restaurant a couple blocks from our house.  Ya gotta love those ©Egg McMuffins. 🙂

Behind the parking lot a little creek meanders along, a branch of the Red Arroyo system.  We always monitor the birds and such that frequent the place.  The other morning we spotted this juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron(Nyctanassa violacea), along the bank.  You can see that it’s yellow crown hasn’t matured much yet.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

I photographed the bird from the car, using my Canon EOS 7D with a 100-400mm lens attached.  It is amazing how successful you can be if you use your car as a blind.  If I would have got out, I am sure I would have spooked him, and he would have flew off.  When I absolutely have no choice, and have to get out to get a shot, I try to keep the car between me and the bird, maybe shoot over the roof, or lean over the hood, etc.  For these shots, I was only about about 40 feet away.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

The less stress you put on your birds, the better and more natural image you can obtain.  Click on either image to see an enlargement.  Happy Shooting!!