Cardinals (The Redbirds)

Well, it’s time to get serious again.  Well, maybe not too serious, but it’s time to write a post about birds, but first let me tell you this little story that I heard this morning.  It is too funny not to pass on.   Credit my friend Monty Jones, AKA the former Biscuits O’Bryan.

It seems that this eccentric guy liked to collect thrones.  Yes, that is right, you read it correct.  Thrones – like the ones that kings sit on to twiddle away the day.  He would travel all over the world to collect thrones from palaces and castles where the current kings, and queens, decided to re-decorate and get new furniture or thrones.

On top of all of that, he lived in a glass house.  (do you see where this is going?)  He stored all these thrones in that glass house.  After a time the weight of all the thrones, gradually was too much, and the glass house collapsed from all the weight.

Soooooo, a person that lives in a glass house should never stow thrones.

Okay, now that I have your attention, my subject today is the Northern Cardinal, (Cardinalis cardinalis).  I have found that if going out day after day in this heat doesn’t produce the right results, a.e. finding birds to photograph, you must go for the sure thing.  The bird blind.  There is always some kind of activity there.

San Angelo State Park has a nice little blind, with comfy seats, and  big windows with a view of feeders and a little pond.  I would much rather drive around in my air-conditioned car, over the hills and through the woods, in search of my photographs.  But the blind is my go-to place when the pickin’s  are lean and I need quick images or just want to pad my birding list. 🙂

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal – female

Actually, the Northern Cardinal is one of my favorite birds.  Always vibrantly red (the male), and fun to watch.  It’s like they have a personality all of their own.  Here in west Texas they sometimes are referred to as simply the Redbirds.  So this is where I ended up going a few days ago.  I hope you enjoy the images.  Click on either one to see an image.

By the way, my book is going great, and I now have my 2013 Bird Calendars.  To preview both the calendar and the book, click on the links on the right side of this.

33 thoughts on “Cardinals (The Redbirds)

  1. Beautiful bird 🙂

    Red and green do make a fabulous pair, and esp., when nature makes it for you. Lovely shots, Bob.

  2. Okay, we are still laughing…the photos are great..I like the phrase Redbird..I miss seeing them. Well tomorrow is up early and off to the Dolores River for fishing..hopefully trout for breakfast, then set up for the art show in the afternoon. Have not seen many birds today, but deer and a cottontail. You never know. Take care and keep the photos coming..

  3. I’m always up for a good pun-laden joke – and that’s a good one. The cardinals in our yard are real chatterboxes round dusk – I always told my daughters about their “nighttime Cardinal”, who was watching out for them to keep them safe at night. They (the girls) really liked that.

  4. I can’t imagine you ever being “too serious” Bob. I also can’t imagine sitting in a blind in the the heat you must be havinig down there. The sign of a serious bird photographer! It was worth it though because you got some nice shots of the “redbird”.

    • The blind that I use is pretty comfortable if I go before 10:30AM and if there is a breeze. It has windows and doors to open. Our low humidity also helps. But after that mentioned time, forget it and head for the house. 🙂

  5. Ack! Puns! Heh

    Cardinals are among my favorite birds too- there’s a pair that lives here and comes by for peanuts when they’re raising a family, year after year. They’ve got me trained well 🙂

  6. Oh, dear, that joke was really bad! LOL! Your Texas northern cardinals look a little different from the ones I see on a daily basis around here. I wonder if it is possible that your female is a juvenile? She looks quite different from the females I am used to seeing.

    • If a pun makes you groan, that is a sign that it is a good one. 🙂 About the female cardinal, it may be a slight difference in lighting, etc. I can’t explain only that if it were a juvenile, the bill would be much darker.

  7. GROAN! very punny! Thanks for the nice cardinal photos. I want to learn to tell the female from a pyrrhuloxia. Have a fun day. hugs

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