Black-crowned Night Herons – Juvies

We took a quick run to the San Angelo State Park this morning.  We checked into the blind and saw the regulars were still stopping by for their morning share of the bird seeds.  Nothing exciting, so we ventured over to a new area that has just opened up.  In one particular low area of the park, a spring exists, and the park personnel graded up the dirt to build another pond.  A couple of months ago it look pretty bare, but reeds started growing around it, and a few fish were planted in it.  Now it is starting to attract birds.

As we drove up, at first we saw nothing but swallows, red-winged black birds and a bunch of doves.  Thinking that there was nothing else, I drove on by, turned around and came back from the other direction.  As we glanced over the pond we spotted two juvenile Black-crowned Night Herons perched in the trees.  The light was pretty uneven, but I managed to get several images.  I used my Canon EOS 7d and 500mm lens with a 1.4 tele-converter attached.  I shot the photos from the window of my car.  These are a couple of the better ones.

Black-crowned Night Heron – juvenile

juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron trying out it’s wings.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Click on either one to see an enlargement.