A new day, more birds

After spend a few listless days with not many birds to show, Ann and I finally had an enjoyable morning today.  After breakfast, she, on the spur of the moment, said that we ought to make a run out by the Middle Concho Park to see if things had changed.

The morning was much cooler and I guess that made the difference as we saw a total of 29 species.  I even got a few more images to share.

juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron

We first saw the juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron across the river.  I maneuvered my Ford Edge close to the water so I could rest my big 500mm lens on my Noodle for the shot.

Next, down the little road a bit, I spotted the bright red Vermilion Flycatcher in a tree.  I started to move in with my car to a more comfortable position, but the bird moved.  So began a merry chase for about 15 minutes before I was successful in getting the shot.  I must mention that I didn’t actually “chase”, as in hassling the bird.  I guess “follow” is a better word for it.

Vermilion Flycatcher

After seeing what we could in that park, we decided to try Spring Creek Park while we were in the area.  We saw a two or three Yellow Warblers, but had no opportunity to get a photo.  Coming upon a shoal that was uncovered by the lowering water level, we saw a Spotted Sandpiper and a Green Heron.  Both gave me good photo opportunities, although they were pretty far from the bank.

I got my tripod out and set it up closer to the bank.  It was a shady area and I was confident that I wouldn’t disturb the birds as we were somewhat hidden in the low light the trees provided.  These photos are indeed a credit to my state of the art equipment.  Well, maybe I helped a little, too.  But I am proud of the images that I got after doing some tight cropping.

Spotted Sandpiper

Green Heron

Well, I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I enjoy getting them for you.  It appears that things are looking up a bit, and maybe we will get a few more migrant birds arriving in the near future.

34 thoughts on “A new day, more birds

  1. I really like that flycatcher image Bob – great relaxed pose and nice light on the bird. It’s funny how us bird photographers can have several slow days (I call it “getting skunked”) and then things seem to pick up for no particular reason. I can imagine how much you’re looking forward to migration and cooler temps.

    • I think that Vermilion Flycatcher image is my best to date of that particular species. Things are picking up here. The fall waterbirds are starting to arrive, i.e., sandpipers, etc. The only problem is that although we can see them through viewing scopes, they are usually too far away to get good photos. So it is a waiting game, trying to finally get close enough.

    • I, too, am amazed at those little Vermilion Flycatchers. They are so tiny, and the red is very fiery, vivid. They’re little cuties. Thanks for the comment, Tracy.

  2. Wow Bob! These are gorgeous! So crisp and clear! My apologies on the email… It will be there by the end of tonight. I’ve been incredibly busy. Can’t wait to see (hopefully) more birds that migrate your way 🙂 hope you are stealing clear of the mosquitos!! 🙂

    • Hi Polly, Thanks for the great compliment. The birds will be coming our way any time now. Thankfully, for us, most of the Nile Virus is in the eastern part of the state. However, we have had a few cases.

  3. More great photos Bob, I’m sure equipment has a little something to do with your success rate. Although I really think it’s mostly your desire, persistence and joy that make it all come together!

  4. Bob, These are fabulous. You’ve given me a chance to see the juveniles of these hereons. I’ve been thinking about your books and maybe if I’m lucky I can pick some up for Christmas presents. Your photos are just too fabulous to keep to myself.

  5. Absolutely lovely Bob. I love that fly catcher- adorable. I love knowing you are not an animal harasser. (: I see Yellow Warblers flit around my trees all the time, but always too fast and too far away to catch even a blurry photo. Someday I’ll get one though, I’m determined!

    • Thank you so very much for your nice comment, Melissa. I have an idea. When you get a chance to shoot a Yellow Warbler, use and think this code in your mind: ‘bobzeller1234’ before you press the shutter. It works. You will get the shot. 🙂

  6. Wonderful photos! That is one cute Vermilion Catcher and the Spotted Sandpiper is poised as if waiting for the portrait to be finished! And, of course, some of my favorites – the herons. Thanks for the enjoyable post; sounds like it was a fun time!

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