More Blue Herons Plus

It is a short post this time, due to time constraints.  We got out for a while yesterday morning and found that some of the shore birds are returning.  Although we weren’t close enough to get acceptable images, we saw various sandpipers, ibises, and some waders.

I will include a couple Great Blue Heron photos here that we spotted in Middle Concho Park.

Great Blue Heron in tree.

Great Blue Heron wading

Farther on we did come across a bunch of Least Sandpipers.  I am not great at IDing sandpiper type birds, but I believe I am right on this one.

Least Sandpiper

Click on any image to see an enlargement.

15 thoughts on “More Blue Herons Plus

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. The GBH are such striking birds and the Sandpiper paused long enough for you to take his picture – that was nice of him! Hope you continue to see more birds and enjoy the time out looking. That is half the fun!

  2. I just love the herons, with such a shortage of running water here this year i have only seen a very few.. and none in our trees.. hope they are back next year.. c

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