Rehab Green Heron photos

I am still ‘rehabbing’, you might say.  I am getting out to do my regular thing, but still taking it easy and not trying to over do.  Just a little drive by the river netted me these shots of a Green Heron.  He was about 125 yards away, on the other bank.  In no hurry, I suspect because of the 105 heat that day, he just sat and squirmed and preened.  I used my Canon 7D and 500mm f4 lens with a 1.4 tele-converter.  I maneuvered my car into position so I could shoot from the drivers side resting my camera and lens on my ©Noodle.

Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron

23 thoughts on “Rehab Green Heron photos

  1. Glad that you’re taking things easy, Bob. Great shots of the heron, though! And 105F sounds very hot to me! It’s 10 Celsius here which I think is about 50F.

  2. Glad you’re not over doing things Bob! (: 105 temps? Wow! We were down to 45 last night, but up to 80 during the day. Keep taking care of yourself!

  3. Oh! Bob! These are stunning. Perhaps it’s a good thing you’re slowing down… so you don’t miss things like this. I can just imagine the joy this fellow must have given you as you got such great shots! Glad you’re back….

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