Wood Ducks – a new lifer

I knew that we have the occasional Wood Duck, (Aix sponsa), in the area, but I have never had the opportunity to see one.  We ventured out to Middle Concho Park, to see if any migrants had paid us a visit, and we spotted this pair of non-breeding adults.  I was happy to add them as number 247 to my life list.  Again, the morning sun was very bright from my left, and with the glare from the water, getting a good exposure was difficult.

Wood Ducks – adult, non-breeding

Driving further along the bank of the river, we saw this Great Egret,

Great Egret

then we flushed this Great Blue Heron from a nearby tree.

Great Blue Heron

21 thoughts on “Wood Ducks – a new lifer

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  2. Any “first” is a great event in life, and for a birder to find a new “first” it’s extra special. Wood ducks are so fascinating. I hope you get to see their nest or their breeding plumage… or their little ones. But I guess. just finding them there is joy enough.

  3. Bob, always great to get a new “lifer” and I really like the flight posture of that heron. I know how much you enjoy Big Bend – hope you have a wonderful time on that trip.

  4. Lovely photos, Bob, and the egret pic is just so elegant. The wood ducks look like they’ve had a very long night on the town! Hope you are still recovering well.

  5. Wood Ducks give me a new meaning of “odd duck” – odd in a good way, but odd. Congratulations to you for number 247. I always enjoy your photos and the info that goes along with each. We are getting rain (!!!) and I can not wait to get out on some roads and see who the cooler weather and rain brought out. Glad you are feeling so well and I did enjoy the porcupine up a tree. In my many years of being in this part of Texas, I have never seen one in the country – in town on a playground, yes! Something else odd. hugs

  6. I just love the great egret reflection! That’s spectacular. Of course so is the blue heron. You get all the good lucky shots with those guys.

    Great adding another bird to your list, huh? 247!! Wow. I should work on my own, though I’m doubtful I have half your number.

    • I imagine that if you look close, your number would probably be right up there with mine. Funny how fast they add up. Thanks for the egret compliment, Shannon. I appreciate it. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your Wood Ducks and your lifer (and your commitment to keeping a list – something I keep putting off, even though I have lists everywhere). The Great Blue Heron shot is great, too.

    • Heck, I still have a chance to get to 250 by the end of the year, in fact, I think I will aim for 260. We should pick up some more when we head for the Big Bend NP area in a couple of weeks.

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