More Fun at Middle Concho Park

I hope you guys aren’t getting bored and tired of hearing about Middle Concho Park, because here is another post about it and Spring Creek Park.  I actually got a SPAM comment from a guy that said my posts were starting to get boring.  Well, I say to him, “live with it”.  I am writing what I think my own readers like, and “I ain’t gonna change”.  Anyway, I don’t think anyone will find this post boring.

So, today started out the same as usual.  We ate breakfast at the ‘Golden Arches’.  After that we went and voted.  I asked Ann what she wanted to do and she said let’s go birding.  I needn’t have asked, really.

When we got to Middle Concho there was a lot of bird activity all at once, in just one small area.  Bluebirds, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Woodpeckers, etc.  I was searching with my binoculars for what I thought was a wren, when I suddenly saw a Common Nighthawk in my lenses.  As you can see from the picture below, he was pretty well blending in with the surrounding tree branches.

Common Nighthawk

I was thrilled to see this bird, as I thought they had all left, as they are usually gone by mid-October.  I maneuvered my car so I could use my big lens and get this closeup.

Common Nighthawk

I then was able to get this shot of a Ladder-backed Woodpecker in a tree.  He was working very hard.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

We had seen a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker a few minutes earlier.  We searched but could no locate it again.  I really would have liked to get a shot of it.  We’ll keep watching.  After spending about an hour and a half at Middle Concho Park and listing about twenty species, we decided to get to the other side of the river into Spring Creek Park.  So we bade goodbye to the squirrels and birds and headed out the gate.


Now, to get to Spring Creek Park involves about a four mile drive, this is just to get to the other side of the river.  You have to drive back down Red Bluff Road to Knickerbocker Road.  Then you head south over the Lake Nasworthy Bridge then take a right on Fisherman’s Road.  Following that for a couple of miles takes you right into Spring Creek Park.

Anyway, about a mile after we left Middle Concho Park, we came upon two dogs wandering in the middle of Red Bluff Road.  They were acting like they were lost and this was an area about a mile from any residential area.  One was a Welsh Corgi who looked very exhausted and moved to a shade tree as we stopped.  The other was a young Beagle who was very happy to see us.  Only the Beagle had a tag, but since they were acting like BFFs, we assumed they belonged to the same owner.

The tag on the Beagle showed the name of the veterinarian that cared for him.  We didn’t want to leave the dogs, as it was very warm by then, and they needed water.  We decided to load the dogs in the car and head for that vet’s office back in town.  The staff there knew the owners so they took the dogs off of our hands and said they would make sure they got back home.

I was about ready to head back to the house by then, but Ann says, ‘what the heck, the day is still young’.  So, you guessed it, we headed back out to Spring Creek Park.  I am glad we decided to do that, because a few minutes after we got to the park, an older gentleman who is familiar with our car, hailed us and told us he knew where we could get a good picture.

He led us to a huge pecan tree and about twenty feet off the ground was a young Great Horned Owl.  I don’t know if I would have seen it if the guy hadn’t pointed it out, even though Ann and I are always watching the trees.  Anyway, I was able to get some very nice photos.  This first photo is my initial image that I immediately got.

Great Horned Owl

After I got the above image, we left it and continued a drive through the park.  About fifteen minutes later, we came back by the tree and the owl had moved to another branch, and up higher.  I found that if I set up my tripod farther away and used my large 500mm lens I could get another good photo.  Here is the result of that.

Great Horned Owl

So that ended our day in the parks.  But we had fun, got some nice images, and rescued two great dogs.  It couldn’t have been any better. Click on any image to see an enlargement.