Jeepers Creepers, a Brown Creeper

This is a short post today about a tiny little bird that we encountered yesterday.  It is only the second time that I had ever seen a Brown Creeper.  They are hard to see and not very numerous.  In both of my sightings, it was pure accident that I even saw them.

They remind me of a nuthatch, but the nuthatches that I have seen are always upside down, climbing downward on tree trunks.  The Brown Creeper is just the opposite.  It continuously is climbing upwards, getting it’s little bill into the crevices of the tree trunks.  It keeps climbing, then when it get very high, it flies back down and starts all over.

Brown Creeper

Now to tell you how I got the photo.  When we spotted the bird, he was moving quite rapidly upward.  I scrambled to move the car off to the right so I would have an angle for my camera and 100-400mm zoom lens.  By the time I got my camera aimed out the window he was about 25 feet over my head and still going.  He was finally under a horizontal tree branch.  I focused the best that I could, feeling like I was standing on my head to do it.  I feel very lucky that I got the bird this much in focus.  I did have to use a little of that Focus Magic to get it to look this good.

Original image of Brown Creeper

Above is the original image.  As you can see, I used a little bit of  ‘artistic license’ and rotated the image to what you see in the top photo.  During editing I had trouble trying to look sideways at it.  I think the photo still looks natural enough to pass ‘inspection’.  Click on either image to see enlargements.