Saturday morning images Nov 16.

Here are a few photos from a short three-hour birding trip to Middle Concho and Spring Creek Parks.  The first two images are of a Cooper’s Hawk.  The same bird, but taken in two different trees.  It was on the move but we followed it.  The sky was bright but cloudy, and the subject was back-lit in both images.  The Cooper’s is often confused with the Sharp-shinned Hawk.  The Cooper’s is the larger of the two, but since I hadn’t had them close together, I opted for the Cooper’s because of the flatish head.  The horizontal breast markings show that it is an adult.

Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

We came upon several Yellow-rumped Warblers.  I was able to get this close shot when one lit on a small tree just a few feet from the car.  It wasn’t there but for a few seconds.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

This Great Blue Heron was taking it easy atop an old concrete pier.

Great Blue Heron

We saw a good many birds, including our first Cedar Waxwing of the season.  Here is a complete list of our 29 sightings.

  1. Northern Mockingbird    4
  2. Great-tailed Grackle    35
  3. House Finch    2
  4. Northern Cardinal    3
  5. American Kestrel    2
  6. Eastern Bluebird    8
  7. Red-winged Blackbird    7
  8. American Coot    16
  9. Great Blue Heron    4
  10. Northern Harrier    1
  11. Double-crested Cormorant    9
  12. Pied-billed Grebe    1
  13. Mute Swan    2
  14. Vermilion Flycatcher    1
  15. Cooper’s Hawk    1
  16. White-winged Dove   20
  17. Golden-fronted Woodpecker    5
  18. Blue Jay    2
  19. Black-crested Titmouse    4
  20. Ladder-backed Woodpecker    1
  21. Yellow-rumped Warbler    3
  22. House Sparrow    10
  23. Belted Kingfisher    3
  24. Ring-billed Gull    11
  25. Gadwall    3
  26. Cedar Waxwing    3
  27. Eastern Phoebe    2
  28. American Robin    1
  29. Mallard    6

Enjoy the photos and click on any of them to see enlargements.

21 thoughts on “Saturday morning images Nov 16.

  1. Having spent the fall at Hawk Ridge, i think you have captured a Cooper, the first image shows his ruff on the back of the head, the sharpie has a smoother contour back there, my opinion is not that of an expert, thanks for the lovely image, MJ

  2. Good job catching the Cooper’s, Bob. You seem to get them fairly often. I have almost no shots of accipiters – a couple of Cooper’s is all. And no Sharpies. So I’m jealous, once again.

  3. Looks like a good morning of birding, Bob. Haven’t seen any Honey Butts out here yet, but hopefully I can do some birding next weekend and I’ll see our crop of them. Awesome shot of the GBHE.

  4. Beautiful photos of all the birds..the Cooper’s Hawk is certainly a striking bird..Yellow Warbler is always such a bright cherry site and nothing more regal than the Blue Heron. Kudos..have a great day..

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