Where have I been all week………

Darned if I know where I have been all week.  It has just been one of those times where time got away from me.  All of a sudden it is Saturday already.  I guess the holiday had something to do with it.  But, actually, holidays to Ann and I are usually just another day.  We have no relatives close to us.  So what is my excuse for not posting all week.  Darned if I know……

But here I am.  We got out a few days to do a bit of birding, between household chores.  You ought to see all of the acorns that we have been cleaning up.  We have two Live Oaks, (why do they call them live oaks, of course they’re live), and they drop acorns like you wouldn’t believe.  We sweep trash cans full and now I looked again when I went to check the mail, and it’s time to sweep them up again.  That’s a job for tomorrow.  Maybe.  Unless we go birding again.

So here are a few images from the past few days.  They are all tiny birds taken in the trees.  Danged hard to get the exposures right when they are hiding in the shadows.  It means more work in my digital darkroom to get it right.  I hate to have to do that.  But what the heck.  I have time on my hands. (when I’m not out sweeping acorns). 

We went to our usual place out at Spring Creek Park.  I drove through an area to be used to camping and we spotted this Brown Creeper.  We don’t see many of these, so it is always a nice surprise to spot one.  They climb the bark of trees looking for tiny morsels.  They keep going until they reach the top, then the fly back down to the bottom and start all over.  As you can see, the image is quite noisy, but I will post it anyway.

Brown Creeper

Later, we saw this sparrow.  At first I thought it may be a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow, but after getting it in the computer and adjusting the lighting so I could ID it, I discovered that it is a Chipping Sparrow.  He seemed to be staring right at me.

Chipping Sparrow

We saw this Bewick’s Wren on a fence post.  They are hard to photograph, usually flitting around too quickly, to get in the view-finder, but this one co-operated nicely for me.

Bewick’s Wren on post.

Again, I apologize for the quality of my images.  Not quite up to my standards.  All three were pretty dark and shaded, and trying to brighten them up with my software, produced a bit more noise that I like.  Sometimes I can’t make up my mind, whether this blog is about photography or the birding.  If it is about birding, then I shouldn’t be concerned about the quality of the photos, as long as you can see the birds.  On the other hand…………     Ah, I think I will quit worrying about such things, and just go with the flow. 🙂