Hark, the lark, the Meadowlark

There I am again, getting cute with a catchy title.  But, I have to get your attention.  Today I have some Western Meadowlark images to show you.  I went out with Ann on Sunday morning to try and get some more improved images than what I have seemed to have gotten lately.  I was starting to doubt my own talents.  The day was one of those days where the birding was a bit sparse, but it was probably because of some chilly winds.  That is, chilly early morning, then it warmed to upper 70s in the afternoon.  I can hardly call that chilly.

Anyway we came across an area where there were several Western Meadowlarks, both on the ground and in the trees.  One thing that I have noticed about them, is they like to keep their back to you.  Maybe it is some kind of defensive thing, but it is hard to get nice photos of their beautiful yellow breasts.  Having said that, though, I did get a shot of one lurking in the grass a little further away.  I was able to capture it with my 500mm lens with a 1.4 tele-converter.  I used the same set-up on the other two images as well.

Mind if I lurk a little bit??

Here’s another with a side view.

Western Meadowlark’s great profile

This one keeps looking over his shoulder.

Here’s lookin’ back at ya. 🙂

In closing, here is a frontal view of a Western Meadowlark that I captured back in the year 2009.  I was undecided about posting it because of the reeds that are in front of his face.  But the picture grew on me, and I think that the growth adds a bit of a natural look.  I hope you agree.

Western Meadowlark on barbed wire.

I hope you enjoyed these photos.  I am going to the central Texas area tomorrow.  First to visit Hornsby Bend Bird Sanctuary in Austin, then on Wednesday we will go to the Canyon of the Eagles at Lake Buchanan and take the Vanishing River Cruise and hopefully get some images of some Bald Eagles.  So my next post will be around next weekend.

29 thoughts on “Hark, the lark, the Meadowlark

  1. These are great, thanks so much for posting! I have only seen Eastern Meadowlarks, this is a great guide to sorting out the occasional Western that gets lost and might cross my path.

  2. The barbed wire singer is indeed a nice natural setting — I much prefer those! Mr. Over-the-shoulder is pretty dadgum cute. Love your sense of humor, as always. I’ve not ever seen one of these birds.

    • Thanks a bunch, Shannon. The western variety winters in your area, and the eastern is there the year around. But they look exactly alike. The difference is in their song. E-mail your address ‘cuz I want to mail you something. 🙂

  3. I especially like that third shot, Bob. For me, the wonderful patterns on the back of this species are just as attractive, maybe even more so, than that bright yellow in front. One thing I’ve noticed about these birds (at least those around here) – in the spring and early summer, when they’re veins are coursing with hormones, I can almost get close enough to some of these birds to poke them in the eye with my shutter finger. After that, forget it. I haven’t been able to get a decent shot of one for months and they’re crawling all over Antelope Island.

    • Thanks again, Alison. To be honest, I am just assuming that these are Westerns. I am not good enough at this to tell the difference, but I think their song is different than the Eastern. I always enjoy your comments. 🙂

  4. Don’t ever start doubting your own talents, Bob! Look at these meadowlark pics – amazing. I am trying to find sympathy for your ‘chilly mornings’ which then warm up to 70F. That’s a good day in an average Scottish summer!

  5. Hi Bob. No you have not lost your touch one bit! Lovely photos and the over the shoulder one shows off those interesting back feathers. Thanks for sharing and have a great time looking for eagles. hugs

  6. What wonderful photos. Bob, just want you to know that you were the first person to inspire me about blogging and birds. I have had intermittent blog/life problems so haven’t kept in touch as much as I wanted to but hope you know how grateful I am to you for helping a novice get her wings!

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