Some ‘Thankful it’s Friday’ images.

After a week of catching up with a few chores, getting over a little bout of sniffles, I am back at work.  We went out for a bit this morning to get a few images for a post and was nicely rewarded, even though the birding was limited.  I will post these for your enjoyment, I hope.  One thing to mention, it seemed to be a day that the birds were wanting to get behind twigs or branches, but I think the images are acceptable.  Click on the images to see some beautiful enlargements.

This Red-breasted Merganzer didn’t have the problem I described above.  However, it was another lifer (number 255) for me.  I had never seen one before.

Red-breasted Merganzer

Red-breasted Merganzer

Here is a big Red-tailed Hawk, and, ‘voila’, there is the branch I am talking about.  But that is a problem that comes up often, and you can’t do anything about it, but accept it and make the best image you can.

Red-tailed Hawk in tree

Red-tailed Hawk in tree

A nice image of an Osprey with a large fish.  I think that it is a fresh catch, and I think I saw the fish squirm a bit before the bird dug in for his meal.  If you look close, you can see the fish’s eyes, perhaps looking up imploring for mercy from the bird.

Osprey with fish

Osprey with fish

A Northern Flicker.  Again the tree branch didn’t obstruct enough to take away from the image.

Northern Flicker - red-shafted

Northern Flicker – red-shafted

Ah, an un-obstructed photo.  This hawk was across the Middle Concho river from me, but it looks like he is still quite aware me.

Red-tailed Hawk - juvenile

Red-tailed Hawk – juvenile

So that’s it for today.  I am sorry for the lateness of this post.  Ann has been under the weather, I just had the sniffles plus I had to catch up on some other business obligations.

29 thoughts on “Some ‘Thankful it’s Friday’ images.

  1. Big congrats on the lifer, Bob. And you got a nice, clean look at that juvie red-tail. Around here, flickers are common but extremely spooky. I’ve only been able to get close to one once – about 6 years ago.

  2. Great photos, Bob. Loved all of them. Birds add such amazing textures to the photos!

    My favorite: “Northern Flicker – red-shafted”. Brilliant contrast.

  3. Interesting shots, as usual, Bob! We see Red-breasted mergansers fairly regularly over here – at least, I guess they are the same species. I do hope that you and Ann are both feeling better.

  4. Bob I am having so much fun with those twigs lately, too. I think a certain amount are fine, we don’t want to spend too much time with the cloning brush. That’s a great flicker and blue sky, the latter of which I have not seen for a couple of days.

  5. Bob, I love the Red-breasted Merganzer and Northern Flicker, because they are so beautiful, but that last shot of the Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk is so perfectly posed it looks like an illustration from an antique naturalist’s field book! ~Lynda

  6. Wonderful post – branches and all! I enjoyed all the photos and the Northern Flicker is a stunning bird! Glad the sniffles are better and I am hoping Ann will be feeling better soon. Enjoy the weekend. hugs!

  7. I’m always happy to see your images, but I am glad I couldn’t see that fish until you mentioned it. The Northern Flicker is really beautiful. I thought of you today when I captured my own bird in a tree – you might even like it.

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