Back again with a GBH

They say that when you get kicked off of the horse, you should pick yourself up, dust your britches, and git after it again.  So having said that, I did get back out for a little bit yesterday morning.  There were high thin clouds, which I like for lighting, but cool and windy.  The birds were a bit scarce, or in hiding, but I did get a nice shot of this Great Blue Heron.  As you all know, the GBH is one of my favorite birds to photograph.5439_web-heron-GB-bob zeller

He was wading in the Middle Concho River on the opposite shore from where I was in my Ford Edge.  I maneuvered the car along the bank and took the shot from my driver’s window, resting my Canon 7D and 500mm lens with a 1.4 tele-converter, on my Noodle.  As you can see, the vegetation is starting to take on it’s winter ‘non-color’.

Click on the image to see a nice enlargement.

19 thoughts on “Back again with a GBH

  1. I’m impressed and jealous you’re already out and about. I only get every other weekend to escape to the great outdoors now and I miss it terribly! Thanks for bringing it to me. (:

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