I Heart Hooters

Of course, I am talking about the other kind of hooters.  What did you think I meant?  I am referring to the Great Horned Owls.  I think they are fascinating.  When I see them looking at me, I always wonder what is going on in their little minds.  Maybe they’re wondering what I am thinking, too.

Anyway, there is an area at Spring Creek Park, here in San Angelo, where over the months, a young Great Horned Owl, or GHO, has been seen frequently.  We were in for a surprise yesterday, Friday, when we happened to look up into a tree and saw two of them sitting side-by-side.  One of them, we believe, is the same one that had been seen on a regular basis.  We recognized it because it’s left eye-lid seems to droop most of the time.  I guess the other one just flew in, and decided it need a bit of companionship.  It is just a tad smaller, too.

Great Horned Owls

Great Horned Owls

After getting several images, we decided to leave them alone and cruise on through the park, and maybe return later.  A few minutes later we heard and saw this red-shafted Northern Flicker in the brush.

Northern Flicker - red-shafted

Northern Flicker – red-shafted

Further along, I couldn’t resist catching a photo of the state bird of Texas, the Northern Mockingbird.

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird

Turning around, we decided to go back and check in with the owls.  When we returned to their tree, we saw that one had separated itself to another branch about three feet away.  About a month ago, I had purchased a small Leica camera and I thought this might be a good time to try out the zoom lens.  Here is the result, and I guess I made a good investment.

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

I hope you enjoy these images, and you can click on any of them too see an enlargement.  Then just click your back button to return to this post.  I will take this time to wish all of you readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

32 thoughts on “I Heart Hooters

  1. Bob, I love owls, too. My husband and I saw one during the day at Salado Creek Greenway, aka Robert L.B. Tobin Park, here in San Antonio. It was a thrill since owls are nocturnal. Beautiful shot! Cheers, Denise

  2. Beautiful pictures, especially the owls. That was my thought too, that they’re a pair with the male being smaller. Maybe they’ll produce some owlets for you to photograph! Happy Holidays…

  3. Bob & Ann…I hope the wonderful blessings you have bestowed on so many people are heaped upon you a hundred fold. Merry Christmas and a Santa sack full of love from Heather, Isabella, Bailey and me!

  4. lovely photos as usual..the “hooters” are great..and love the Northern Flicker..they are all great. Merry Christmas to you and Ann and may the New Year provide you with lots of birds…God Bless your photos and comments are always a welcome sight on my PC

  5. Those owls are a darned neat find, Bob. Looks to me like a mated pair, with the smaller male on the left. Can you see any injury to the eye, or difference in the pupils, when the apparent female has that left eye open?

    • That owl has been appearing and re-appearing several times over the past four months. It had always been alone. We never were able to see close enough if there was any injury, and I really don’t ever remember seeing it with that eye completely open.
      And thank you, Ron, for confirming what I thought – that the male was the smaller of the two.

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