Random Images from the past

I have been going through old images again, simply because it is too danged cold to get out and do what I want, and that is to do more photography.  But, alas, I am stuck inside for a day or two, but with a hot cup of hot chocolate, laced with a smidgeon of Kahlua.

Anyway, these images I plucked from the files of October 15.  I don’t think I have posted them before.

Savannah Sparrow

Red-winged Blackbird – female

I usually am not able to get great photos of small birds, but I got lucky with the above female Red-winged Blackbird.  I like the way it is puffed up a bit and showing off more of it’s colors.

juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in tree.

juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in tree.

This juvenile Red-tail Hawk was standing in the crook of the mesquite tree and just looking around, really not paying any attention to me.  I wasn’t close of course, but only about 50 yards away.

Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird

Here I liked the colors in the flowers and habitat where this Red-winged Blackbird was perched.   I also like the way I caught a little eye light.  Click on any of the images to see enlargements.

Well, that’s it for this afternoon.  Time to go freshen my ‘toddy’.

By the way, this is being posted the morning of December 27, but it was written the afternoon before.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an edited post as of 9:00AM Thursday.  I had originally IDed the female blackbird as a Savannah Sparrow.  Mia McPherson sent me an e-mail and told me of my error.  (I was probably influenced by my little sip of hot chocolate and Kahlua.) 🙂