8 thoughts on “5686_web-kingfisher-belt-bob-zeller

  1. We have belted kingfishers in our part of Ohio, but I don’t see them often. Would love to get a closeup of one. This is fantastic. Perfect timing on this capture.

  2. talk about a bad hair day!! ha ha..great photo..I am working on Dahl sheep today..never painted one before so it will be an interesting day..We to are past 2012 and looking forward to the challenges of 2013.Thanks so very much for sharing…are temp today was 1 degree above zero..long johns are the dress for the day..

    • The Kingfishers are one of my favorite birds. They are so funny. And when they dive at full speed into the water, I am surprised that they don’g get a concussion from such an impact. Thanks for your compliment, Alison.

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