Horoscopes are for the birds.

My horoscope this morning seemed to imply that I would be presenting you with a message with great authority.  I have no idea in the meaning of this.  I will probably give you a bit more of my nonsense enhanced with a few pictures.  How do astrologists come up with this stuff?  They explain that it is all in the ways the stars align.

Well, I can never see any stars align when I look at that wonderful Milky Way.  Heck, I took my trusty plumb-bob outside to check for some kind of alignment.  I couldn’t make out any two stars that seem to be in line with each other.  So I put that ol’ plumb-bob back in the garage with all of my plumbing tools.

Great Egret with sunfish

Great Egret with sunfish

I went out yesterday to see if I could get some usable photos.  I came across this Great Egret, (Ardea alba), and I don’t think the stars were aligning for him as I watched him for twenty minutes, trying to swallow this sunfish.  He finally gave it up, contributed to the catch-and-release program.

Mute Swan

Mute Swan

Now this Mute Swan, (Cygnus olor), felt very comfortable in his element.

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe

As did the above Eastern Phoebe, (Sayornis phoebe).  So maybe there is something to be said about the alignment of stars being inducements.  Anyway, my thoughts on the stars are that there a heck of a lot of them.  Astronomers haven’t yet seen how far away the farthest one is, but so far they have seen nearly 400 billion light-years away.  I imagine that when they see the farthest one, they will see a plate-glass wall.  On the other side of the glass they will see a little kid with a dirty face.  He will have  lollipop in one hand, and a hammer in the other, that he is fixin’ to swing at the glass.

Well, enough of this nonsense for now.  My wife read this and clobbered me, and now I am seeing stars. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Horoscopes are for the birds.

  1. Would the dirt-faced kid be of the DirtNkids clan? ‘Cause they are known to smash things up unexpectedly!

    I think astrology is a bunch of hooey. i prefer to make my own destiny, motivated only by the amount of caffeine in my body at a given time.

    That poor egret bit off a bit more than he could chew. Lucky sunfish probably stopped at the Circle K on the way home for dinner for a couple of scratch-offs.

    • If the kid follows your example, he very well might be. 🙂 I agree about the astrology thing, I know nothing about and am not interested in learning. That sunfish really got of lucky didn’t he. Thanks for your great comment, Shannon.

  2. Great, fun post, Bob. Which raises another question. Why are there no signs of the zodiac that are birds? With all those stars out there, we surely ought to be able to find a constellation with a bird in it. Maybe a Great Egret trying to swallow a Pisces.

  3. So fun! Love the mute swan especially; they’re nostalgic for me, as I grew up seeing them regularly in Michigan (from a distance – beautiful, yes, personable, no!). As for horoscopes – there are other “scopes” I find far more effective! 🙂

  4. uh, Bob, I think Ann clobbered you before the post! But, the humor and the photos are all much appreciated and enjoyed. The egret is determined, the swan is peaceful and the phoebe is just enjoying the day. BTW, I think that little boy with the hammer is a reflection of you! hugs

  5. Love this post and your pictures Bob! I hope you will combine horoscopes with birds again sometime soon. 😉 I really laughed at the Egret pic. I did not think he could possibly manage to swallow that. Pretty photo of the swan. The contrast of blue water with the white is perfection.

    • I hope you’re kidding about wanting me to do more horoscope/bird posts. 🙂 I love laughing and giving other people a good laugh, but I don’t want to get carried away with.it. I am glad you loved the pictures, Alison. I am proud of that swan photo, too.

  6. Great photos, Bob, and I love the Mute Swan in particular. By the way, the swan (Cygnus) is a constellation, and Phoebe (the Greek goddess) was always associated with the moon. As for the Egret… similar to a Crane, perhaps, and there is a constellation called ‘Grus’ after the crane. Plus, he’s eating a sunfish! Your stars are all there in front of your eyes! 🙂

  7. I’ve been missing your posts and sense of humor of late, I hope that all has been well and that you’ve been too busy to post.

    Along with Astrology, another thing that I have found to be worthless are those solar/lunar tables that are supposed to tell you the best days and times to see wildlife. I’ve had some of my best days when the tables said to stay home, and vice versa.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jerry. It seems that if I don’t get out for a few days, I don’t get posting done. I am always wanting to have new photos for my posts. I also agree with you about those ‘starry’ forecasts.

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