Back among the living…….

Sorry that I kept you all waiting.  You probably thought I was dead, but I have been away for a bit.  I actually thought I was dead when I had another painful attack last Saturday morning.  I just spent another delightful week in the hospital for removal of some more stones.  I think the doctor said that he removed enough sand and gravel to re-do my driveway. 🙂 But through laproscopic surgery, it was a piece of cake.  Besides that, I have a dear friend that lives near Houston, who loves to play Scrabble.  We had an on-line game going constantly, and the hospital food at Shannon Medical Clinic was awesome.  Things couldn’t have been much better.

In case you are wondering about all of these attacks that I have had the past seven months, it seems that I have this peculiar condition, called “choledocolithiasis“. (Now that would be a great Scrabble word).   Anyway it  causes the liver to produce stones, even though my gall bladder is gone.  Leave it to me to come with something weird to add to my health resume.  But all’s well that ends well.  I am back to nearly 100% and am anxious to resume some photography and birding outings.

Ann and I did get out Saturday morning for a little foray around the local parks.  The birds weren’t real active, but I managed to get a couple of shots that are presentable enough to show here.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

I love it when I can get a good close-up of a Cedar Waxwing.

Squirrel emerging from tree nest.

Squirrel emerging from tree nest.

This park where we do a lot of birding is over-run with squirrels.  For the most part, I usually just ignore them.  However, when I saw this one coming out of his (or hers) nest, I couldn’t resist getting a shot.

So until the next time, click on any image to see an enlargement.

60 thoughts on “Back among the living…….

  1. I am WAY behind on catching up with everyone (things seem to have gotten incredibly busy), but I’m slowly getting there! I didn’t want to miss any of your posts, so I’m starting where I left off. I’m glad you are doing better, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have shared! I know I’m always going to see something great when it has your name on it! 🙂

  2. Bob, Bob, Bob, you aren’t allowed to leave this earth, don’t you know that?! I’m behind on blog posts but actually read this one when it popped into my mailbox at work. And I felt relieved, cuz us fans do miss & worry. 🙂 Glad you’re back amongst us. And I love your cedar waxwing shot, awesome!

  3. Good to know you’re back among the living, Bob. (I’ve obviously been away for a while myself, seeing this, what, two weeks later!)

  4. Well Bob, you certainly don’t lack in well wishing good friends! Count me in. I was just wondering where you’ve been lately. I’m glad you are better! Blessings to you and Ann!

  5. Scrabble? You love Scrabble? Wow! So do I!! One of my favorite pastimes while doing dishes, laundry, cooking meals, hanging on the swing, ignoring kids, etc. We should do it some time. Like, every day. LOL 🙂

    So glad you are all better. Shannon Medical Center, huh? What a lucky place to be (and a great name to boot). Didn’t even need to send you Angie’s 4-leaf clover, you were so lucky to be there apparently. Love the wax wing photo. Looks like a painting (not my painting, someone else’s…my painting stinks).

  6. So glad to have you back! Sorry to hear about your illness but happy to hear you are recovering. The Cedar Waxwing is beautiful. I love that yellow at the tip of the tail.

      • You’re welcome Bob. It’s always a pleasure to stop by! It’s been a tough adjustment to working full time… definitely encroaching on my blog reading and animal stalking time. ):
        Hope you’re feeling better my friend!

  7. Stones can be very painful, so I hope the worst is behind you. Cedar waxwings are a favorite bird, they made their first appearance in our garden last summer, I am hoping they come back in force this year.

  8. So good to see you are up and out. The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird and the squirrel just looks adventurous! hugs to you and Ann – both of you stay well!

  9. Happy you are feeling well enough to post again. I missed reading and looking. Stay well please! 😉
    Waxwings are so pretty, nice shot of that one. Very cute portrait of the little squirrel.

  10. Bob, I am so glad to hear that you are OK. Must have been painful, but it doesn’t sound as if it kept you down for long! Welcome back, and make sure you rest! 🙂 How does it feel to be nagged by someone you don’t know??! PS The Waxwing pic is superb.

    • I don’t mind being nagged. That’s what keeps going, these little kicks in the butt. Besides, after all this time, I feel like I know you. Thanks for the compliments on the picture. 🙂

  11. Your city parks are so generous with their wildlife. Nice photos, Bob.

    I hope your are feeling better after your hospital visit. Our gravel driveway is 300 feet long. I sure don’t ever want my doctor to tell me what yours told you!

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