First I rant, then… some Cinnamon Teal

Before I get to the images, I want to rant just a little bit.  In two weeks, the annual Stribling Art Extravaganza will be held at the barracks buildings at Fort Concho, here in San Angelo, Texas.  It is open to all artists living in the San Angelo and Tom Green County area.  It will feature all genres including photography, but most of the entrants are paint artists.  It is a show and sale benefiting the West Texas Rehab Center.  As I usually do each year, I am entering two pieces of my work, framed 12x16s.

American Kestrel

Hawk in Tree

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

The above are two framed photographs that I am entering.  I am usually lucky enough to sell one, or sometimes two images at these shows.  Anyway, my rant is about something else that happened, related to the show.

I couple of weeks ago a lady that wants to enter a painting called and asked me if she could paint one of my photos.  The subject in the photo is an old trading post that I had photographed several years ago.  She had seen other photos of that building, but she really liked the composition of mine.  Now here’s the rub, she wanted to copy it exactly.

What the heck is going on with some of these so-called “artists”.  I always felt that being an artist, is someone that is creative.  A true artist looks at a scene and paints his or her interpretation of it;  not using another’s composition and claiming it as his or her own.  Copying other person’s works is not creative in my book.  At least she was nice enough to ask, and I, of course, turned down her request.

Now on the other side of the coin are people like Syl Lobato.  She has purchased the rights to some of my bird images.  She does use them, but she creates masterpieces by incorporating the images onto rocks, using the patterns in the rocks and her fantastic painting talents  to make the beautiful backgrounds.  I do not consider her among of the people that I described above.

Now forget the rant and have a look at some new photos that I was able to get yesterday.  The Cinnamon Teal, (Anas cyanoptera) is one of the most beautiful ducks.  Until now, I hadn’t gotten any great photos of one.  Usually, they were too far away to get decent close-ups.  Yesterday, though these were in a small pond and I was able to drive up closer.  I still had to use my 500mm lens and 1.4 tele-converter on my Canon EOS 7D.

Cinnamon Teal - female and male.

Cinnamon Teal – female and male.

Cinnamon Teal

Cinnamon Teal

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